On the national stage, warning lights are flashing every day for Joe Biden and his failing administration.

One poll after another shows that the Democrats are in serious trouble all over the country. If they can lose control of the city council in Houston, they can get beat anywhere on the map, and that is a fact.

The frustration and panic are evident everywhere you look. Joe Biden’s approval numbers are the lowest by far of any modern-day American president. Everyone who was anywhere near his dismal numbers was defeated when they were up for re-election.

Nate Silver’s 538 polling company shows Biden with an all-time low average job approval, which can sometimes be buffered by a couple of stronger polling results, but that cannot prop up the sagging numbers right now.

As of Monday—Joe Biden was in the hole by more than 18 points with a meager support level of just 37.7%.

And yet, the Democrats keep claiming that everything is going well—but across the board, everything, and I mean everything, about this feeble Commander in Chief, is being rejected.

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The two biggest issues Americans are talking about the most are the economy and the wide open southern border that is an existential threat to our nation by way of overwhelming our infrastructure and putting us at grave risk for unprecedented terrorist attacks.

Some more positive polling numbers show the national race is in a dead heat—while others show former President Trump crushing Joe Biden—the more people that are in the race, the bigger the victory for Trump.

And the real separation is beginning in the critical swing states, of which there are about half a dozen. Both Michigan and Georgia moved into the projected win column for Trump.

And as I said, it is the economy and the fear of tougher days ahead that have people very worried about what happens next. 2024 could prove to be a very bad year for our money.

Meanwhile, Bidenomics has been dropped by everyone except Joe Biden, but it is Joe’s senility that is most noticeable. Seriously, if you go as far back as 2016 or the 2019-2020 campaign trail and compare that to what we are seeing now, it is painfully obvious how much Joe has gone downhill—it is remarkable.

Even though Democrats circle the wagons and pretend everything is ok, telling us that “Joe is great. His vigor is amazing—what a leader!” They’re selling Joe as a great president, but I don’t think even they believe it themselves.

That’s why California Governor Gavin Newsome has been running a shadow campaign for president and was out debating Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

And look, he isn’t the only one with an eye on the prize—every Democrat that has ever wanted to run for President is prepping for the chance to throw their hat in the ring. Whitmer is even getting in on it.

Over on the Republican side, it really is all over but the crying, but there is a serious race for second place as Ron DeSantis may get beat at the wire by Nikki Haley. She is willing to take shots at Donald Trump, but she may well want to be number two on the ticket in 2024—and another poll shows her beating Joe Biden by even bigger margins than her old boss.

Yeah, I just cannot wait for the new year and to see if Joe Biden can get hopped up on amphetamines enough to make it through. Can you imagine what a debate will sound like this time around? That is, if he does debate.