You are being robbed of your birthright as an American—that is a fact, and the thief is your federal government in Washington with its insidious tentacles that reach into the fabric of the entire nation.

I am going to do my best to educate you today on a brand-new threat that slipped past me. It’s a threat to farming, ranching, hunting, fishing, family time, recreation, and the American way of life. It was brought to my attention this past week by one of my incredible listeners.

I lived in Montana for a few years in the late ’80s and early ’90s while going to college at Montana State in Bozeman. I absolutely loved it. I was raised hunting and fishing and first saw Big Sky country in 1977 while on a family vacation—it was a trip that changed me forever in a very good way.

I have since that time had a tremendous appreciation for the western states and have had the great joy of walking the breathtaking landscapes of not only Montana but Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico, with plenty of time spent in the greatest frontier still remaining, Alaska.

During my college days, I was very aware of the original BLM—the Bureau of Land Management—which controls more than 10% of our nation’s land. It really is a jaw-dropping amount of land—and it is primarily in the states I just mentioned. Now, it is being targeted for removal from being used for anything—that’s right, anything!

I’m sorry, but it will likely come far too late to stop what is about to happen, if not already, in pursuit of some liberal utopia that frankly will never exist.
You see, while you have been distracted by a thousand policies designed to steal your freedom, they have drawn up a plan to literally steal the earth out from under your feet.

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And if you think I am exaggerating, I can assure you I am not.

This is the pursuit of 15-minute cities on steroids, an expansion on the EV fantasy to make sure they can destroy farming and ranching and make meat less available, as the globalists just outlined over the weekend at the COP 28 summit in Dubai, while dining on smash burgers and filet mignon. With cheeseburgers on their breath, they are ready to root out all of the self-sustaining people in America. You know, the ones they like to call right-wingers and racists—most likely people just like you.

Let me explain:
Hidden inside Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and infrastructure bill were the beginnings of something much more sinister: Rethinking how federal lands are managed in America. Specifically, what they can and, more importantly, cannot be used for.

This past Spring, the Department of the Interior made major proposals for how the Bureau of Land Management is required to deal with land use that impacts hundreds of millions of acres in The United States.

The land managed by the BLM includes ecosystems as diverse as red rock deserts, oceans of sagebrush, towering pine forests, expansive grasslands, and vast areas of the Rocky Mountains. Every single one of these places may be off-limits to you and everyone soon and forever.
For anyone who has heard me over the past many years—I have said time and time again that those on the left would love to run a fence all the way around Montana and make it off-limits.

But these new schemes turn that from a somewhat sarcastic comment to a dangerous new reality. In fact, I completely underestimated how much fence the radical leftists actually wanted to put up to keep you and me out.
Let me explain further.
There are four major changes proposed to how the BLM manages the federal land under its control—and unless there is some kind of miracle, these changes will be implemented beginning early in 2024.

First is the importance of “conservation.” Historically, it was on equal footing with all other uses in what has been called Multiple Use, which includes recreation, range, timber, minerals, hunting, fishing, and scientific uses, among others. Now, conservation will trump all other land uses—every single one, meaning they are going to lock the gate, and nobody except a privileged few will ever get inside again.

Second on the list is effectively selling the land out from under you through what they call conservation leases. Radical organizations like the Sierra Club, the Center of Biological Diversity, or other third-party special interest groups will have the ability to lease vast expanses of federal land and then set their own rules in pursuit of ‘environmental justice’ or some other misguided idea that will put them in the position of God himself.

To be clear, a third with its own environmental justice agenda could lease our federal land in perpetuity, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. This effectively creates permanent control of federal lands by a third party with a radical agenda without ever getting the consent of the governed. This is a power grab by the Department of the Interior and BLM under its radical Green New Deal agenda.

The third alteration is just as bad as the first two and would revise existing regulations and framework for establishing Areas of Critical Environmental Concern. The new rules prioritize this effort. Say goodbye to cows grazing or the production of oil and natural gas—it’s all part of the end run on the rule of law.

And number four expands the framework for making land health assessments—and you can imagine what that will mean—basically whatever the hell those environmental whackos want it to mean.

In short, this means the eradication of grazing on public lands that have long been the lifeblood of ranchers in these western states. The cattle industry has been the fountain on which communities were born and built and still thrive today—but the environmental Nazis are riding in to end farming and ranching—they must control the food. It’s part of the plan!

You see, the conservation leases can be given to people, companies, NGOs like the ones the United Nations specializes in, or tribal governments, so that is one big powerful swing funded by people like Bill Gates and George Soros.

The Areas of Critical Environmental Concern or ACECs could be used to shut down just about anything—and I do mean anything. Under the very loose definition, this change could be used to ban almost every use, like hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling for example. It could block the use of boats on federal lakes and, in the name of endangered species, could even block horses and mules from using the land. You cannot go for a hike—in fact, one of the most egregious parts says you can access an area only on foot and for only one hour! Yes, you heard me right—you could not even throw up a tent to spend the night. You can march in, look around for no more than 60 minutes, and march back out. Does that seem appropriate to you on any level?

Yes, this allows for the complete prohibition of using our lands, and yes, my friends, they are our lands. At least they will be until January 2024, when they will be on the block to the highest bidder, no matter how radical.

Oh, and here is the real kicker—the ACEC status can only be removed if it’s determined the protection is no longer needed or stronger, more restrictive rules are put in place instead. This land grab is meant to be permanent.
Of course, this is all built on the fantasy of Climate Change that has nothing to do with climate at all but with tyrannical politics controlling people. The destruction of cattle grazing within two or three years puts us on track to the UN’s Agenda 2030, a Marxist plan for the world’s future.

When they tell you the radical, ideological things they are willing to do to take control of everything, I strongly suggest you listen.

Here is a list of some of the things that are already happening—in case you have forgotten.

Kill switches will be required on all cars beginning in 2026 and soon thereafter—outlawing classic vehicles. Who can shut the cars down? Government overlords, of course, with satellites.
Attacks on all means of farming, as we have been covering, attacking the production of food as some sort of evil. Destroy the farms, or we will die from Global Warming—that is the insane message being sent.

End meat and dairy. We eat bugs while they fly in private jets and dine on filet mignon—it’s a feudal system.

Tracking cell phones and listening in. If they could track every single person on J6, they could track us all and hear what we are talking about, 24 hours a day.

Tracking TVs and all appliances that are real-world listening and tracking devices—that are AI capable now and able to “learn” everything they can about us.

The Patriot Act was the most heinous law in history and opened the door to all of this government surveillance—but it was just the beginning.

Silencing and censoring online and in-person communication. By doing this, they can control what you read, see, and hear—all part of the programming and reprogramming that has been going full speed for a while now.

Refusing to secure the border, flooding western nations with savages who are looking to take anything and everything—never learning the language and never assimilating because that has never been the plan—it always has been to swamp the boat.

Refusing to enforce the law. No cash bail, no accountability, trying to hold one group of people responsible for the actions of people hundreds of years ago while dismissing what people actually do themselves.
Healthcare control with the WHO dictating who gets what kind of care and when—and having the power to shut down everything.

Central Bank Digital Currency—the end of cash, the rise of the most powerful black market in world history—yeah, that’s coming too.

Social credit scores—of course, this is just another way to keep tabs on you, so when it’s time to drop the hammer, they know where and on whom to drop it.

Guns, guns, guns, and the 10,000 ways they want to take them away from people trying to defend themselves.

The Green Energy fallacy in all its incarnations.

Attack all appliances to make sure we soon all live in third-world misery—but not the lords and ladies, of course. No, the globalists will never live like the peasants. As John Kerry has made clear, the elites are far too important to follow these kinds of rules.

LPRs—which are license plate readers that keep track of you on every police car and camera you pass. This has been going on for a decade—think about that the next time you run around town.

Pick your gender and your pronouns—destroying science and advancing mental illness as some sort of protected class to revolt against the villains.

Digital IDs and mandatory tracking—meaning you will be required to take your device anywhere and everywhere you travel so they can cross reference with your car, your TV, and your toaster.

Election integrity—which they are trying to manipulate. But if they fall short, they want you to think there just isn’t any point in voting because it’s all rigged. Sometimes it may be, but not always. They want you to think it is to kill the vote, which ultimately means the death of the West!

But there is hope today coming from several different nations.

A Red Riptide is coming because a whole host of countries are fighting back at the ballot box—and I believe this is just the beginning. Just look at Italy, Venezuela, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Spain, to name a few.