Every day, we see that Joe Biden is putting America last and his enrichment first.

Every single day, we hear about how great Bidenomics is from Democrats—that was until very recently when they seemed to have buried the term that most Americans associate with a terrible economy crippled by inflation and rising prices.

We see the members of the administration giving away hundreds of billions of dollars to support countries around the world, like China, on the issue of climate change while ignoring our problems here at home, like a crumbling energy grid.

We watch as another couple hundred billion are pumped into Ukraine in a losing effort. Make no mistake: Ukraine is losing, and unless there is some kind of military miracle, Russia will win.

Democrats like Joe Biden and warmongers on the right declare that we must support the effort to secure Ukraine’s borders while we also pick up the tab to make sure the people there have retirement funds. All this goes on while our border is flooded every single day with illegal aliens with no legal status and no chance of ever getting turned around. They are here to stay and they will gobble up trillions of your tax dollars.

All the while, the Biden family was trading on its brand to gain wealth and power through corrupt deals.

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And the more evidence that rolls out, the more clear this all becomes. Joe Biden is not in this to help you, or me, or this country. He is in it to enrich himself and his family.

Monday, the rabbit hole got even deeper, and the corruption became more well-defined.

It looks like one of Hunter Biden’s business interests made direct monthly payments to Joe.

But how could that be true? Joe has told everyone that he knew nothing of Hunter’s dirty and likely illegal business dealings. He went so far as to call the allegations lies.

The problem for Joe is the money. There was an awful lot of money flying around in Joe Biden’s orbit—everyone with the Biden name had a lot of money flying around, even grandkids. They, of course, never did anything to earn a penny, but their bank accounts were very convenient places to stealthily dump the money.

You remember the clip from 60 Minutes in 2020 before he was elected where he denies everything, but James Comer says none of that is true—Comer says it’s one lie stacked on top of another.

But why would a guy who knows nothing about his kid’s business dealings and his business partners want to work side by side with that kid?

That’s another big question that James Comer wants to ask because while Hunter was jumping onto Air Force Two to schmooze people in China, Romania, and Russia—it seems he and The Big Guy were picking out curtains for some new digs—that’s what they have found now.

And yet I can find example after example of Joe Biden saying none of this is true—he repeated his denials in front of one reporter after another.
He never skipped a beat, and these questions began when he was Vice President—and that, of course, calls into question the role former President Barack Obama had in keeping this all under wraps.

As they say, follow the money and see where it leads—and if you cannot explain it, just play dumb and run. That seems to be the strategy of KJP, who, as usual, has nothing to say.

This is all leading to the collapse of the short and awful Biden Presidency—marked by the worst approval ratings of any administration ever! And it means historic voting blocks are shifting away in record numbers, too.

Even your friends get tired of being lied to at some point.