Yes, the Senate has closed up shop for the year until January 8th. The House too. The House had already adjourned before them on Dec. 14th for Christmas recess. The Senate took an extra week to stay in town to “negotiate” with Republicans but accomplished nothing.

So there’s NO DEAL on funding the Ukraine war against Russia. And there’s no funding for Israel. It’s because the Dems aren’t budging on border security and the Republicans are actually holding firm for a change – because the border is a complete and utter cluster-you-know-what.

So while the Dems keep telling us that the sky is falling and that Ukraine is broke and we can’t let Russia win, they are also headed out of town so they can spend time with their mistresses, get drunk at Christmas parties and go to Vegas for New Year’s Eve.

Shalanda Young, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget wrote a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to sound the alarm over Ukraine. She said, “Cutting off the flow of U.S. weapons and equipment will kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield. There is no magical pot of funding available to meet this moment. We are out of money – and nearly out of time.”

However, The Hill and others are reporting that we shouldn’t worry that the politicians are leaving during a crisis and that there isn’t a deal yet in place. Never fear because a group of Senate and White House negotiators will hold virtual meetings over the Christmas and New Year’s break. (However, Congress won’t be voting for anything until next year – when they’re done partying.)

Senate Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) blames Trump, of course, and his influence over the Republican-controlled House. I say, if Trump is responsible for the Republicans in the House sticking to their guns on the border control issue, more power to him. YAY, Trump.

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And Ukraine has gotten enough money in my opinion. Why are WE the piggy bank for their war? There are a zillion other countries who can help them out including the gaggle of United Nations creeps. But I believe that Ukraine has the “goods” on Biden so THAT is why the money keeps flowing. OUR money that we work hard for every day. But Joe is compromised and he has to keep funding his buddies in Ukraine.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, the United States has sent about $75 billion to Ukraine already which includes humanitarian, financial, and military support. And the Dems (and some Republicans) want to send much more.

What’s a corrupt president to do? With Ukraine funding up in the air, the Biden administration is looking at seizing Russian assets to pay for the war. Whatever it takes.