I admit it. I didn’t watch the whole Republican debate on Wednesday night. Why should I watch a bunch of losers competing for second place? I see the polls. I know who’s going to get the Republican nomination for president and it’s not any of them.

The latest Wall Street Journal poll shows former President Donald Trump with 59% support from Republicans. Former Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is in second place with 15% and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is close behind her with 14%.

The Iowa caucuses are under six weeks away on January 15th and the non-Trump Republicans are desperate to stand out somehow. Some, like Christie, think that fighting and swear words can do the trick. He called his rival, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, a jacka** with a “woman problem” after the debates when talking with CNN – and during them called Ramaswamy an “obnoxious blowhard.”

My husband, who is on the fringes of paying attention to things like debates, said there is no reason to even have them. He said there is no way to improve their standing in a debate. There is only the possibility of lowering themselves even more by doing or saying something stupid.

And in looking at what happened last night on the NewsNation debate, I can concur what my husband said. What exactly was the objective of the debate? What were they trying to do? Were they trying to ensure us that they would be able to save the country upon getting elected? I don’t think they are making THAT case at all and that is why they are way behind Trump in the polls.

Former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, as we all know, is just running for president so he can bitch about Trump. He didn’t bargain for Orange Man Bad being a no-show at all of the debates and out of reach of Christie’s mouth. Of course, without Trump showing up at their debates, Christie has become Nikki Haley’s go-to boy in protecting her against the arrows coming from entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy’s anti- Haley barbs. Christie is most likely angling for a VP slot should Haley get the Republican nomination.

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In going after each other, Christie and Ramaswamy are both looking like nuts in the debates. I liked Ramaswamy initially but he has taken the bait and decided to jump into doing character assassinations against his rivals instead of staying above the fray. Both of these men cancel each other out and are NOT on my radar for any kind of legitimate consideration.

Haley, for her part, seems competent and ready to step into the Oval Office on day one. However, I don’t see her vigorously protecting our Constitution and our freedoms. I see her as a “get along” RINO who will keep the status quo of past Republicans who really get nothing accomplished. I don’t see her doing anything outstanding or important to make sure America is great again. I am also totally opposed to her support of the ongoing financial support of Ukraine.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, unfortunately, has lost his luster. He’s done many good things for his state but he just doesn’t seem to grab people’s attention when he’s on stage at these debates. At least he doesn’t grab me. I see him as being on top of the woke agenda but don’t know much about what he’ll do about other important things that I care about. I have no idea what his priorities are if he became president and his disjointed website doesn’t really help me figure it out.

Trump, on the other hand, has a firm grasp on the important things that we care about and when he was on Sean Hannity’s show the day before the debate, promised on day one to start drilling again and to close the border. In addition to crime, those are two of the most important issues for conservative voters.