The Democrat party is up in arms (when aren’t they?!) over Trump’s plan should he win the presidential election. Apparently, Trump is threatening “revenge” against his political enemies, seeking to “weaponize” the DOJ.


Yes, the Democrats don’t like it when their political enemies use the same tactics that THEY use to control the country and their competition.

DOJ officials are warning that Trump poses a direct threat to the rule of law and democracy in the United States.

LOL again.

Apparently, the Democrats aren’t posing that EXACT threat currently under the tyranny of Biden and company.

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The DOJ, FBI and their other alphabet groups and administrative folks are quaking in their boots that they might be reined in or be held accountable for their actions – or even get fired (wouldn’t THAT be nice) if/when Trump is president again.

It seems that on Veterans Day, Trump had talked about the “vermin” that needed to be “rooted out” in the Deep State. And there is a LOT of vermin in D.C.

The Guardian warns that scholars and ex-justice officials see “increasing evidence that if they achieved power again Trump and his Maga allies plan to tighten his control at key agencies and install trusted loyalists in top posts at the DOJ and the FBI, permitting Trump more leeway to exact revenge on foes, and shrinking agencies Trump sees as harboring ‘deep state’ critics.”

What a travesty it would be (wink-wink) to get rid of the corrupt Democrats who are illegally and unconstitutionally ruling over us and targeting us with their governmental powers and law enforcement.

The Democrats are calling Trump’s campaign “authoritarian” in their desperate attempt to paint him, once again, as the tyrant that Biden ACTUALLY is.