Ever since June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower to the sound of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” to announce his candidacy for the presidency, the Democrats and their supporters have gone nuts. More than nuts. Apoplectic. Insane. Berserk. Cuckoo.

They have bats in the belfry.

Democrats went after him with misinformation, mal-information, disinformation, and outright lies… They discredited him, they misquoted him, they initiated fake investigations, they called him a racist and a homophobe, misogynistic and islamophobic…They impeached him twice…They have used all of the federal agencies within the government to go after him and they have urged states to target him as well. They have indicted him on multiple things so that he currently faces 91 felony counts in four criminal cases…

And now, in the Democrats’ latest coordinated endeavor, they are trying to keep Trump off of our primary voting ballots and ultimately the general election ones too.

The Democrats, who say they are all about inclusion, don’t want Trump to be included in the presidential race. Gee, I can’t imagine why.

It’s because the Democrats are afraid. Very afraid.

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And why shouldn’t they be? President Biden is hemorrhaging voters due to his ineptness, corruption and failed policies. The economy, the border, crime, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, the Palestinians, Hamas, China, Covid… Take your pick. Biden sucks at everything he touches. Even the Democrats think so. He’s bleeding black voters, young voters, women voters and definitely antisemitic voters.

One of the fundamental tenets of democracy, or so say the leftists all of the time, is the notion of inclusivity, where diverse voices and perspectives are given a fair chance to be heard. Disqualifying Trump from primary ballots would be seen by most sane people as a departure from this democratic ideal. Regardless of one’s personal opinion about the former president, it is essential to acknowledge that millions of Americans support him and align with his political platform. Denying them the opportunity to express their political preferences through the primary process would be perceived as an affront to democratic principles as opposed to a fake affronts that the Democrats are always whining about.

While the inclusion of Donald Trump in primary ballots may be a contentious issue to the left, it is essential to uphold the principles of democracy, fair competition, and the rights of voters – all things that the Democrats don’t actually stand for.

The American political landscape has been nothing short of tumultuous in recent years, and at the center of this storm stands Donald J. Trump, a divisive figure who continues to command attention

and influence. As discussions about the upcoming primary elections gain momentum, there has been a growing debate about whether Trump should be disqualified from appearing on primary ballots. While critics argue that his actions warrant exclusion because he participated in “insurrection” (their opinion), it is crucial to consider the principles of democracy, fair representation, and the rights of voters in the pursuit of a healthy political process. However, those are not things that Democrats really care about.

What the Democrats have realized is that there is no way to prop up a decaying foundation (Biden) that is going to destroy the house. The only thing they can do is destroy the house next to him first – and that is Trump.

Biden, not Trump, should be the one under indictment for crimes against the country (including the foreign invasion going on at the border), corruption and bribery. And Biden, not Trump, should be the one thrown off ballots all across the country. But keeping Biden on the ballots is okay with us because we aren’t afraid of him. We know (in a fair election), Biden would never beat Trump again.

Which reminds me of a phrase I heard recently concerning the election in Argentina that fits America pretty good in regards to Trump vs. Biden: BETTER A MADMAN THAN A THIEF.

But Democrats disagree – and in the ongoing effort to keep madman Trump out of the Oval office, the Colorado Democrats were the ones elected to jump the shark and boot Trump off their primary ballot. California is now threatening to do the same. Will the Supreme Court hear the case? It’s not guaranteed. If they do, will they decide the case according to the actual Constitution? That is not guaranteed either.

The Dems have proven over and over again that they are willing to destroy the rule of law, the Constitution and the very country itself it it means that they can “get” Trump. And that’s where they are headed.

What about free and fair competition? Excluding Trump from primary ballots would limit the choices available to voters, potentially stifling the democratic process. That’s no matter to Democrats. Then there are constitutional considerations. Constitutional what? The Democrats only look at the Constitution when it shores up their leftist goals. Otherwise, it’s a useless document created by racist white slaveholders.

What should we think about the Dems leading the country into setting a new precedent concerning presidential qualifications if they win this battle over primary ballots? Without clear and objective criteria, decisions to exclude a candidate from an election can become subjective, potentially leading to partisan manipulation. But that’s exactly what Dems want – because they think they’ll be in power forever. NORMAL Democrats should at least take into consideration that if they’re successful in getting Trump off the ballots, it could come back at some point and bite them in the butt. But in their current state of TDS, they don’t care about that. They just want Trump gone. No matter what. Period. End of story.

What about public opinion and voter rights? Voter rights?!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Democrats don’t care about voting rights unless they have to do with Democrat voters and future Democrat voters (illegal aliens). Democrats don’t care if millions of Trump voters are disenfranchised. They don’t care

if Trump-supporting voices aren’t heard – in fact they prefer it that way. Dems don’t want to address concerns through political discourse. They prefer to censor, cheat and shut things down.

If voters were actually allowed to make informed decisions, the Democrat party wouldn’t exist. And we’d be Rockin’ in the Free World again.