You MUST use the right pronouns – or else. So says the Democrat party.

When the Democrats achieved a victory at the Supreme Court that required all states to license same-sex marriages, they soon realized that they had just run out of a large pool of victims and a cause to support in future elections. Quickly enough, they decided to add a bunch of letters to LGB and before we knew it, LGBTQ+ was their new cause to support.

New words that we had never heard before were also added to the Democrat and media’s vocabulary like cisgender, asexual, non-binary (not a computer term), pansexual and intersex. Every day, it seems, a new word is added to the list so that Democrats can show their new voting base how very inclusive they are.

And the “T” in LGBTQ+ has become bigger than life for them – especially since it has been vigorously opposed by conservatives and Christians. If the Democrats find a cause that MAGA extremists don’t like, that’s just icing on the cake for them.

But the new Democrat strategy isn’t just about showing support for transgenders. It has become about forcing the transgender lifestyle on everyone – at every age group. We must all accept it.

It’s about letting boys in girls bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s about letting guys play on girl’s sports teams (so much for women’s rights). It’s about letting drag queens show up at libraries to read to children. It’s about allowing what amounts to pornography being made available to kids in school and city libraries.

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As usual, the Democrats went a bridge too far. Several bridges too far actually. And a new opposition was formed to combat their insanity. A diverse and unified group of parents (Christians, Muslims and concerned community members who want their kids to be safe from the likes of deranged and dangerous Democrat policies) started showed up at school board meetings and started organizing to oppose the Democrats and their craziness.

One of the Democrat policies that continues to this day, with the help of Democratic legislators everywhere, is the disregard of the first amendment to force everyone to use the “correct” pronouns. That would be “correct” as defined by the Democrat party. If a biological male wants to be a woman, you have to call said person a “she.”

This is required in many settings now: schools, courts, businesses, etc. New “civil rights” laws have popped up everywhere to protect transgenders from “discrimination” with gender identity as a protected class – and pronoun discrimination is part of that for many.

The Federalist is reporting that the U.S. Dept. of the Interior sent out an internal bulletin to their employees in September about “Supporting Gender Transition in the Federal Workplace.” It includes the fact that “gender identity” is a protected class and instructs its employees to use “gender-neutral language in broad communications to avoid assumptions about gender identity.” The use of bathrooms, of course, are up to the personal discretion of wherever anybody wants to “go” and those who complain are warned of unlawful discrimination.

Refusal to use a person’s chosen name and pronoun is contrary to their rules as well and will also constitute “unlawful discrimination.”

In Michigan, parents of an autistic middle-school student are suing the Rockford school system because teachers and staff allowed their daughter to change her name and gender in school and the school (allegedly) actively hid that information from them. The school was calling the student a “he” in school but a “she” to her parents in their cover-up. That’s another thing that the schools are doing with their gender closets and their trans rules – they are hiding what’s going on with their students from their families.

And, as usual, the left, bananas as they are, points their finger at the right as the crazy ones for going against them. To them, parents are the enemy and so are conservatives and Christians. And even Muslims who object. The Dems call anyone who opposes them a bunch of haters and bigots and they say that the right are the ones who has “war” against pronouns.

Anyone who goes against the left in their progressive insanity is called a bully or worse. That includes Elon Musk who said when he acquired Twitter that he would allow users to use whatever pronouns they wanted. That, according, to the left constituted “misgendering” people.

When the Democrats have an issue they clutch onto to use to get votes, they go all out to control the narrative including censorship, harassment, legislation, threats and jail time. That’s not just their strategy for their transgender support, it’s their strategy for EVERYTHING they do.