Now that Christmas is over, the hangover is here. No, not the one from drinking too much booze on Monday. It’s the hangover that is upon us now that the past 56 days of celebrating and looking forward to the Christmas holiday is over and after the big day has come and gone.

Celebrating Christmas 2023 pretty much started the day after Halloween – as the displays in the retail stores showed us. Some Christmas displays started ever earlier with a mix of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items all in the same aisle.

So now we have the big letdown after weeks and weeks of partying, baking, cookie walks, looking at Christmas lights, church services, shopping, watching holiday movies, going out to look at lights, listening to Christmas concerts, listening to Christmas songs on the radio, making cards, making presents and much more.

To some, like myself and my husband, the Christmas “season” is as good as Christmas Day itself. Although, as I get more and more involved with researching Christianity, I will say that Christmas Day has a whole new meaning to me now and is special all on its own in a new way.

December 26th brings with it a hangover of sorts – a depression that sets in. A realization that life will get back to normal soon now that holidays and vacations are over. Yes, we still have some added fun coming up with New Year’s Day and football playoffs (Roll Tide!) But after that, especially in the midwest, all we can really look forward to are cloudy dark days of snow, ice and cold.

Lovely, right?

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And in the upcoming year, 2024, we also have an election to look forward to. YIPEE. With it will bring Trump trials and the Biden impeachment – and lots of other unexpected goodies.

The political election machine will rear its ugly head and we’ll need to brace ourselves for whatever BIG plan the Democrats have in store for us to win the presidential election.

Last time, it was Covid. Who knows what it will be THIS time around. Happy New Year, everyone!