Ungrateful Illegal aliens in the Big Apple are whining about the free food they are being given by the Democratic government using taxpayer dollars. Apparently, they are unimpressed by the freebies they are receiving after breaking into our country.

What’s next? Will they be whining about the dirty planes and buses that are transporting them for free all over the country?

Maybe they need a different phone carrier for their free cell phones?

They definitely don’t like the food that the NYC government is providing them. According to the New York Post, the illegal aliens are not happy with the sandwiches, chicken and donuts they are getting at NYC’s shelters.

Here’s a suggestion: go home. But I digress…

A report shows that a NYC “migrant contractor” is tossing out thousands of uneaten meals a day because they aren’t good enough for the foreigners who are in our country illegally.

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That’s your taxpayer dollars at work, New Yorkers.

But the contractors don’t care. They will get their millions no matter what is eaten. $432 million to be exact. That’s what DocGo is making with their no-bid contract with the city which gives them $33 per day per migrant for three meals ($11 a meal).

But maybe we should cut DocGo some slack. It’s not easy to come up with an $11 meal in Biden’s America. Why don’t they give the illegal aliens what WE have to eat under Bidenomics – ramen noodles or mac & cheese. Instead, the contractor is handing out Chicken Alfredo and other delicacies.

But the illegal aliens aren’t grateful for what they are getting. According to a New York Times report, about 70K meals have already been trashed between October 22nd and November 22nd.

Maybe the contractor, DocGo, needs to find some new chefs – or they could take a survey to see what the illegal aliens prefer to eat.

Or maybe they can give the food to homeless Americans instead of throwing away food that ungrateful illegal aliens won’t eat.

This wasted food is all being paid for by taxpayer money which was previously used for NYC residents. But Democratic Mayor Eric Adams had to slash the city’s budget and got rid of lots of needed services in order to pay for more and more freebies for the illegal aliens.

Just like most things that Democrats do, everything is working out just fine.