Can Governor Abbott save America from the illegal alien invasion? That is the question after Texas Governor Republican Greg Abbott signed a new measure on Monday to make it a state crime to illegally enter his state. According to Just the News, this gives his state law enforcement a “potentially pivotal tool to combat illegal immigration on its own amid perceived federal apathy.”

The new law will take affect in March and is reported by CNN to empower Texas law enforcement to arrest illegal entrants and give judges the ability to order their deportation.

Yay – and go team!

Abbott is not the only one fed up with Biden’s open border policy/future election strategy. Even Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has had enough and has decided to deploy the National Guard to her state’s southern border to assist with the surge of illegal aliens being ushered in by the Biden administration.

Hobbs made a statement saying, “Yet again, the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe. With this Executive Order, I am taking action where the federal government won’t…Despite continued requests for assistance, the Biden administration has refused to deliver desperately needed resources to Arizona’s border.”

Hm… That doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement of President Biden. I wonder if she’ll be voting for a third-party candidate who is more border-control friendly like West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin who is a possible presidential candidate on the “No Labels” ticket.

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Manchin was recently on Hannity on Fox News and said, “I’ve truly been saying this all along: Our borders are a mess. And to say that it’s not – and for any Democrat or anybody to say that it’s not in jeopardy right now. We have to close our borders down. We’ve got to control the borders. And we have to change the, basically, the ‘asylum’ definition of what it takes to get into our country. We want to make sure that people can still come, that are in desperate need, the legal way, but not the way they are coming illegally now. That has to stop.”

The question is… is all the talk and all of the help coming too late? Is Governor Abbott’s strategy coming too late to do any good? With so many millions of illegal aliens already brought into the country via the Democrat party, even if a plug is put in to stop the leak, a Superhero is needed to fix the problem that’s already here.

Some say that Superhero is former President Donald Trump – and he’s fine with trying to fix the problem all over again. He is campaigning against the open borders just like he did in his 2016 successful victory that won him the presidency.

Others aren’t happy that he’s up to his old tricks – and some new ones. CNN says that Trump is plotting mass detention and deportation of “undocumented immigrants” if he becomes president again.

With the current invasion of the country, that is probably music to the ears of many.

It’s not like Americans are happy with what Biden and the Democrats are doing when it comes to the open borders.

In a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll,only 38% of registered voters approve of Biden’s handling of immigration. What handling? Yes, that is our point – and the point of those who voiced their displeasure of the president in this poll.