We are about to put 2023 to bed and set sail into the new year, but before we get there, we still have plenty of unsettled business in this one.

Let’s talk about the biggest stories of the year—the ones they are telling you to pay attention to and the ones they don’t want you talking about.

The first big thing was an NFL player flatlining on the football field. Damar Hamlin suffered a heart attack on the field, and it looked like he might just die; thankfully, there were medical professionals everywhere, and he survived the near-death experience—but it raised lots of questions. Was he fully vaxxed, and did it play a role? Of course, that was all denied, but what did you expect?

In February, a train derailment really went off the tracks when the brain trust running the show in East Palestine, Ohio, decided to light the spilled chemicals on fire—basically poisoning the whole damn place and creating a plume of black smoke that rose miles into the sky. Despite all that—and too many vacations to count—Joe Biden, even though he promised to do so, has never gone to visit the place.

Of course, Donald Trump has been under one attack after another throughout the entire year—yet he continues to dominate the polls and is currently far out front of the Republican field and the odds on favorite to win reelection in November. That is because throughout 2023, Joe Biden has shown time and time again that he is incapable of leading—and I will get to the failures at the border and with Bidenomics. But his biggest failures are personal to millions of Americans.

Gold Star families of the troops lost during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal still remember how Biden treated them—checking his watch as the caskets were slowly carried past him on the tarmac.

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Yeah, that is a failure of leadership that also draws attention to the failures of his mind. He keeps repeating false stories and talking about himself—how utterly degrading and insulting.

Of course, there were stories of tragedy in 2023.

The firestorm in Lahaina that the left tried but failed to connect to the climate fraud—cost 100 people their lives when a climate Nazi refused to supply water to fight the wall of flames for four hours because he thought it was not a good idea for the environment. Funny how Lahaina vanished—not only from the fire but from the headlines.

The Titan sub went missing on its journey to the Titanic—and as we all figured, the weight of the ocean crushed it.

The Sound of Freedom was called everything but what it actually was—a brave, honest movie about the dark world of child trafficking and the sex trade in the Western Hemisphere. Despite all the dishonest attacks from the left, the movie was a blockbuster and has brought in more than $250 million to date—not bad for a movie that cost less than $15 million to make.

Kevin McCarthy was in, and then he was out, and the Republicans battled it out while the Democrats had fun just watching the show. When the dust cleared, the Democrats weren’t laughing anymore when Mike Johnson of Louisiana got the gavel and said no money for Ukraine unless the border was closed.

Of course, those on the left and right keep telling us we must help Ukraine and fight for Democracy, even though Ukraine is not a Democracy and has canceled its elections months in advance so its corrupt dictator can continue to live in luxury and run around the world with his hand out for more.

Speaking of dictators, Dictator Xi is running China with an ever stronger fist, and it looks like Taiwan could soon be facing the People’s Liberation Army up close.

Of course, there was the Chinese spy balloon earlier this year that Joe Biden and his cast of clowns tried to ignore, then dismiss, and then finally shot down. But that was long after Xi had gotten lots of information and the last laugh.

During the whole year, the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden’s connections to the Chinese Communist Party were top of the fold, too. Now he is facing actual charges, and much of it seems to lead back to The Big Guy—so that will remain a hot topic in 2024.

But maybe the biggest story of the year continues to be the failing economy that Joe Biden created with Bidenomics. After Donald Trump had led us to new highs, the climate fraud, failing EVs, major strikes, and attacks on energy all over America have families reeling—and Democrats lying about how wonderful everything is.