An Associated Press poll back in August revealed that 77% of voters think that Biden is too old to be effective for four more years. Not only did 89% of Republicans say that, so did 69% of Democrats. And, I think we all know that things have probably gotten much worse for Old Joe since then as he continues to stumble (literally) on his feet and throughout his speeches and limited interactions with the press.

If you look at older videos of 81-year-old Biden – even back when he was running against Orange Man Bad – you will see that he has slipped. More than slipped – he’s gone down hill cognitively in a BIGLY kind of way. Because of this and other reasons, we all know that Joe is not the one who is actually running the country. It’s Obama and all of the Obama retreads that work with Biden. And Joe is not running the pay-to-play scheme either. That’s his son, Hunter.

The president reads the teleprompter, does what he’s told and lets wife Jill and the Easter Bunny lead him around by the arm. When he’s not wandering around the White House eating his tapioca pudding, he’s vacationing. In fact, a recent article that I read says that he’s been on vacation 40% of his time being president. Must be nice.

In the meantime, the Democrats are freaking out, some quietly, some not so quietly, trying to figure out what to do. They’re pretty sure that the 2024 match-up will be Biden vs. Trump if they aren’t able to keep Trump off of the election ballots and/or put him in a jail cell.

So what’s a corrupt party to do if those are the two candidates running to be president? Well, I’m sure we’ll get a big surprise in the upcoming eleven months to help them out. The last time they came out with Covid so who knows what 2024 will bring.

While we wait, the Democrats are debating if Joe is competent enough to sit in the Oval Office and be the Commander in Chief through January 2024.

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Political strategist and Former DNC Chair, 64-year-old Donna Brazile, is out in full force as Biden’s cheerleader, defending the old guy and going after his opponents. She wrote an op-ed on Biden’s impeachment inquiry recently and even though the Republicans actually have CAUSE to impeach Biden and more evidence to do so than the Democrat clown shows when they went after Trump, she said, “Republican impeachment inquiry against Biden is a Trump-inspired farce.”

She went on to say, “Instead of working to take up urgently needed legislation that Biden has proposed, Republicans are preparing to waste time and money on a senseless impeachment inquiry.”

Right. The Trump impeachments were nothing of the kind, of course. Wasting precious time and money during THEIR impeachment shams was okie dokie and a service to the country. The Democrats were saving democracy, after all.

Brazile laughably says, “The only ‘crime’ Biden is guilty of is being a Democrat running for reelection.” I guess she hasn’t seen any of the evidence: the emails, the testimony, the charts, the receipts, the cancelled checks – you know…ACTUAL proof of the Biden Crime Family’s corruption and Joe’s involvement in it.

Back in November, Brazile was on “Real Time” with Bill Maher where Bill brought up political consultant and former Obama adviser David Axelrod’s comments that Biden should “get out or get going” to the table. Brazile admitted, “Look, people think that Joe Biden is perhaps too old. They’re right.” She went on to explain, “Everyone ages differently” and pointed to Betty White and Mick Jagger.

Biden turned 81-years-old on November 20th. On the same day, Trump released a doctor’s note saying that he was in “excellent” health.

Maher told Brazile that age was a case-by-case thing and said, “But for that argument to have teeth at all, you also have to be the person who can go, ‘Yeah, but this is the case’…And I’ve said it before. Do I think Joe Biden can do the job? Absolutely. I don’t think he can win the job. And that’s what I care about. He’s going to lose. Because the people think he’s too old. And perception is reality. I’m sorry.”

Unfortunately for Biden, young voters don’t appear to be in the tank for the old man anymore on a number of issues. Antisemitism is turning them against the president but so is his age and the disconnect with them. NBC News has reported about this and quoted a 23-year-old voter (Starbucks employee and union organizer) saying, “I genuinely could not live with myself if I voted for someone who’s made the decisions that Biden has. I didn’t even feel great about” voting for Biden in 2020.”

BIden’s handlers and friends in the media think the answer is for Biden to be out in the public MORE and not less, which is pretty laughable. I think they forgot his winning strategy the last time that he ran against Trump: keeping him in the basement and out of the public eye.

The Democrats also say that everyone needs to know what’s at stake in 2024 i.e. they are telling everyone that Trump is Hitler, that he is authoritarian and will destroy the country – all of which actually describes the CURRENT president.

Even though voters and opponents are telling Biden he’s too old to run again, Biden apparently doesn’t think so. According to Axios, current and former aides say Biden is extraordinarily energetic for his age (LOL) but they also say that he tells them that he feels “young” and that makes them do eye rolls as they see how he comes across to Americans.

How Biden comes across to Americans is otherwise known as REALITY: listening to what he says, watching what he does… seeing him not knowing how to walk off a stage without help. That’s why he rarely has much scheduled every day – and it’s why he’s able to be on vacation all of the time. Because he’s NOT THE REAL PRESIDENT. And maybe that’s why some of the Democrats don’t care how old he is. Keeping that in mind, he could be 104-years-old and they wouldn’t care.

But he still has to win the job and that’s where they are worried.

It’ll be interesting to see how his aides handle an actual presidential campaign for an elderly 81-year- old. VERY interesting.