In their never-ending insanity in pursuit of their climate change agenda, the fruitcakes in California want their residents to recycle their toilet water into drinking water. This, leftists say, has important climate benefits including reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Many others say it’s just gross.

Californians might put up with aggressive taxation, getting jailed for using leaf blowers, $8 a gallon gas and other extreme rules and laws, but I’m not sure if they’re going to agree to drinking their own pee (or other stuff).

According to Fortune, California regulators approved new rules on Tuesday to let water agencies recycle wastewater and then put it right back into pipes that carry drinking water to homes, businesses and schools.

California’s new rules would let (not require) water agencies to take wastewater, treat it and then put it back into the drinking water system. California is the second state to allow this. Colorado has already waded into the murky waters of pee recycling.

Yes, pee recycling appears to be the new “thing” to save the planet and conserve water. But how many of California’s 39 million residents are excited about this news? Or anyone else in the country who is afraid this kind of insanity will be coming to their kitchen sink sometime soon?

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Let me just tell you this, Michigan… if you try this here, I will NEVER drink public water ever again. Never. I’d sooner collect rainwater or get water directly out of Lake Michigan than to trust you to adequately, competently and properly manage water agencies to convert sewage directly into my drinking water.