Let’s take a few minutes to sort something out that some of you have been sending me notes on recently—and that is advertising. It seems to annoy some of you, so I want to help you understand why we do what we do—and it’s not just me.

Those of us in conservative media have been targeted 100 ways to Sunday to silence our voices. We are not only silenced, but we are labeled as far-right disinformation or misinformation and are basically blacklisted.
It’s no secret that the left-wing media machine on TV, radio, and online is working every day to silence voices like mine. They try to cancel us, censor us, smear us, and generally do anything they can to make sure we are discredited. When that didn’t work very well—they turned to another attack: demonetization.

We don’t get agency buys because the big names in this world, like McDonald’s or Wal-Mart, are afraid of their own shadows on many days, so they won’t even come on the air. Why?

Because the media dictators threaten them with the portable rent-a-riot, you know, they will call them radical racist election deniers if they put their money on conservative platforms. It’s not true, of course, but it doesn’t matter.

These people turn to disgraced smear machines like the ones running overtime at The Southern Poverty Law Center—who slime Christians and other traditional groups like Focus on the Family as hate groups when nothing is further from the truth.

So, we get creative and partner with patriot companies that are putting themselves on the line and standing up for truth and the American way. By advertising on conservative America First platforms, they risk getting smeared by the Soros operatives.

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So, when you see me and others on the right take time to promote American companies that are also trying to survive in a hostile business environment—please understand we are doing this to defend free speech and the principles of the Bill of Rights—and again, to put America First.

Without these brave companies, we might well lose our voices forever. So please be patient and understand it is a matter of doing what it takes to make sure our voices are heard and not trampled under the ignorant herd of imbeciles who don’t care one bit about the First Amendment.