A homeowner in Los Angeles had his home broken into early Saturday morning while his grandma and his toddler were also in the house. The homeowner shot and killed one of the home invasion suspects after he pointed a gun at the homeowner.

The dead robbery suspect who was one of approximately three or four armed males in their 20’s involved in the attempted robbery according to the Daily Mail.

The other alleged burglars fled the scene when the homeowner chased them off. The investigation is ongoing.

Not surprisingly, the Daily Mail shows a photo of the homeowner being taken away from his house in handcuffs to be questioned by police. He was later released but It’s unknown if the homeowner will be charged with anything or not.

But it wouldn’t really surprise any of us, would it? He is long-hanging fruit.

It’ll be up to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office if charges are filed. Since the office is run by leftist criminal-supporting George Soros-funded George Gascón, anything is possible, especially with him in the middle of a re-election bid.

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A neighbor where the shooting occurred said they have been having burglaries quite often in the neighborhood and another neighbor said they hope the shooting will stop any more burglaries from happening again.

Police said there was a blood trail inside of the home, indicating that one or more of the other suspects could be injured from the shooting. When they fled the scene, they left behind their BMW which they had driven to the home. No word on if the car had been stolen.

Although California has both a “Stand Your Ground” law and is a “Castle Doctrine” state, potential victims can only use the amount of force that is reasonably necessary to defend themselves. Although this event seems like an obvious example of that, there’s no telling how Democrat prosecutors will look at the case.