Michigan winters are known for cold and snow. And no sun. Because of this, the state has a lot of power outages with Michigan being one of the five most power-outage- prone states in the country.

However, Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her merry band of Democrat legislators aren’t helping solve this problem. In fact, they have made darn sure that Michigan has even more power outages and blackouts in the future – and not just in the wintertime.

A cornerstone of Gov. Whitmer’s agenda as the head of the state has been green energy. She’s fought like Hell since she’s been governor to usher in a new era of energy production in Michigan using wind and solar – and replacing fossil fuel vehicles with electric ones. Along those lines, she’s handing out grant money and taxpayer dollars right and left to Megasites who want to build production facilities that have anything at all to do with EVs (electric vehicles).

She’s also got a climate change agenda and legislation to boot that says Michigan electric companies have to run on clean energy by 2040 with the state having to produce 60% of its energy from renewable sources by 2035, only twelve short years from now. Currently, the state is sitting at about 15% for its current use of clean energy sources for the state’s energy needs – and that took taxpayer subsidies and decades to achieve.

Additionally, Gov. Whitmer just signed an executive order to mandate the fleet of State of Michigan vehicles be zero emission. In order to push along these goals, the Michigan Democrats have recently passed legislation to make sure that the state, and not localities, control wind and solar projects. This stops communities from rejecting these large facilities in their hometowns.

The National Review recently wrote an article about Whitmer’s insanity, saying, “Michiganders are in for a nightmare” and they are not wrong. They report on a new Mackinac Center analysis that says the result of the Democrats’ green energy policies in Michigan will be skyrocketing utility bills and days-long blackouts in the depths of winter.

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The National Review says that to do what the Democrats want would be a “de facto takeover of a large swatch of Michigan real estate” – about 1.2 to 1.5 million acres in fact to meet their 60% target. That is why the Democrats had to pass their legislation to take over local control of solar and energy projects. They can’t wait – and they certainly can’t let the yahoos in the small Michigan towns decide what happens in their own townships, no matter what those yahoos think about the impact on their health, wildlife, utility bills, the grid reliability or their property values.

The Democrats also have a war on natural-gas plants. Those plants are required by 2040 to capture 90% of their carbon emissions, a goal that National Review reports is not technologically feasible. So what happens to those of us heating our homes with natural gas? Do we freeze to death or do we pay 10X what we’re paying now because the Michigan government will fine the gas companies for non-compliance??? We’re already paying some of the highest electricity rates in the country.

The National Review concludes that blackouts are definitely in Michigan’s future under the Democrats’ green energy plans. The sun is not always shining in Michigan and the wind is not always blowing and battery-storage technology is still being developed.

So where does that lead us? Out in the cold. Literally.