Don’t worry if you are a little (or a lot) overweight. With the Democrats running out of “victims” to champion, it looks like the overweight and the obese are the new marginalized group of people they are supporting.

Discrimination against fat people appears to be the new taboo in society and with the highest obesity rates on the planet, America is ripe with overweight voters that the Dems can try to court into their political party by embracing this new group of people who need not just equity but special treatment.

Fat Pride, according to the Daily Mail, is the new battleground in America’s culture war – and it’s showing. Pun intended.

Enter stage left: Southwest Airlines. According to Fox News Business, the airline is receiving kudos for offering an extra seat to “customers of size” at no cost. According to Southwests’ inclusion policy, customers whose bodies “encroach” past the armrest are entitled to an extra seat.

The policy says on their website that customers of size who “encroach upon any part of the neighboring seat(s) may proactively purchase the needed number of seats prior to travel to ensure the additional seat(s) is available.”

That might mean that the airline is probably going to move YOU somewhere else to accommodate the overweight passengers. But no bother, as long as the customer of size is happy, that’s all that matters. Because in the land of leftists, catering to the different, the odd, the minority, the few – it HAS to be done at the expense of the majority. It’s no longer EQUAL rights for all, it’s SPECIAL rights for some – and most of the time, those “some” turn out to be Democrat voters.

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In Colorado, they are actually planning to ban “fat phobia” in the upcoming year. According to The Hill, it’s legislation to “prevent employers and landlords from discriminating against those who are overweight.”

How many lawsuits will commence because someone doesn’t get a large enough table to sit at while they are at work or because someone gets fired because they don’t have the stamina to stand on their feet and do their job? But they’ll be protected.

So as the Democrats look for new victims to represent, their cities and states will be pandering to the anti-fat phobia lobby. The politicians don’t care if you stroke out or die of a heart attack from eating bacon and Cheetos every day – as long as you vote for them before you kick the bucket, either by absentee ballot or early voting.

With 42% of Americans being technically obese, that’s a HUGE voter pool for the Democrats to tap into – and tap into it they will. With a bag of Doritos in their hands.