We all know that testimony shows that President Trump had asked for extra security from the National Guard on January 6th and beforehand.

We also know, through reporting of testimony from the former Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sound, that he approached both the Sergeants at Arms on the House and Senate side on January 4th to request the National Guard through an Emergency Declaration from the Capitol Police Board and that request was rejected.

We also all know through reporting and newly released videos of events at the Capitol on January 6th, that there were MANY undercover “Democrat” placed operatives in the crowd, instigating and egging on the riot to happen.

We have also seen video of police letting Trump supporters into the Capitol building on January 6th.

We also know that law enforcement has illegally and unconstitutionally targeted Trump supporters in the aftermath of January 6th. Additionally, many of those arrested were not given due process and ended up over-charged for their crimes.

Jailed for parading and demonstrating in the Capitol? Seriously?!

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The crimes that Antifa and Black Lives Matter committed during the George Floyd riots were far more serious and destructive than most of what took place at the Capitol on January 6th.

Not to mention, as we have seen since then, rapists and murderers with long rap sheets have been getting out of jail (and some without bail) over and over again because of pro-criminal Democratic policies. But if you’re a Trump-supporting parader in the Capitol, you’ll be doing hard time.

And because Democrats don’t like their corruption and the truth exposed about anything they do, they have been hiding what really happened on January 6th from the get-go.

Now, they’re interfering with the justice system. No surprise.

Just the News reports that Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office actually asked a federal judge recently to prevent Orange Man Bad from introducing evidence at his January 6th criminal trial that concerns “selective prosecution” and “security failures” that occurred at the Capitol. They also don’t want Trump to use his main argument – the Constitution – and that his speech that day was protected by the First Amendment.

Senior Assistant Special Counsel Molly Gaston laughably wrote in the court filing that Trump has tried “to inject into this case partisan political attacks and irrelevant and prejudicial issues that have no place in a jury trial.”

Um… look in the mirror, honey. Partisan political attacks are the VERY REASON the case is even going to trial.

Because Trump IS being selectively prosecuted because of his politics, he obviously should be allowed to introduce evidence of a corrupt Biden “justice” system.

In the Just the News report, according to the court filing, “Smith’s team is looking to ban Trump from introducing evidence that Capitol Police and Washington D.C. officials engaged in security failures that allowed the riot to unfold, even though Congress has introduced such evidence and testimony affirming those failures” – i.e. the truth.

But the prosecutors don’t care about litigating facts and said in their filing, “Throughout this litigation, and in his public comments, the defendant has sought to blame others for the attack on the Capitol for which he is responsible, including law enforcement, military forces, unidentified secret agents, and foreign influence. The defendant should be precluded from introducing within the courtroom the disinformation he has propagated outside of it.”

It’s called a defense. It’s called reasonable doubt. It’s called using evidence that shows proof that the prosecution’s case is political B.S. and should have been dismissed long ago.

The partisan Biden attack squad doesn’t want Trump to be able to have any kind of defense in his trial. But why should we be surprised by that? The witch hunt of the former president began the minute he came down the escalator and announced that he was running for president.

This latest farce by the Democrats to censor Trump and target him for the destruction of his life, liberty and property by disallowing due process is nothing new.