Investigations, due process, and court cases don’t seem to be affiliated with the truth or the law anymore. They’re affiliated with politics.

If you want to object to Republicans winning elections, that’s okie dokie but if you are a Trump supporter and you think Biden stole the election, watch out for the handcuffs coming your way.

And it seems evident these days that the outcome of many court cases has to do with ideology and how the judges WANT the outcomes to end up.

Apparently, the same is true with how loans are “evaluated.”

Case in point is Trump’s ridiculous NY fraud case that has no victim – with Trump repaying the loan he got after giving the bank an estimate of what he thought his property was worth (with a disclaimer). For that, he gets sued because of an attention-seeking Democratic New York State Attorney General named Letitia James can’t stand him.

But the Bidens, on the other hand, can get a $5M “loan” from China with absolutely no scrutiny – a loan that has gone under the radar until now. And we only know about it because Republicans have been looking into it after winning control of the House of Representatives.

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According to Just the News, it’s only NOW that the 2017 Biden loan from China is being looked into as possible money laundering and influence peddling.

The funds had been flagged by a bank investigator after some of a Chinese energy firm’s money ended up in old Joe’s account. It was flagged as “high risk” and possibly tied to the communist government to gain influence through his son, Hunter. This information came out in a memo recently released by House Oversight Committee Chairman, Republican James Comer.

Apparently the China loan has no paperwork – and as the Biden’s do, the money was moved from place to place with a Biden family firm distributing large amounts of money to a Hunter law firm and the recipient firm inside the Biden family not appearing to have any investments in need of a loan.

It’s another trail of transactions from here to there and here to there and there and there so that the corrupt Bidens can (allegedly) can fund their lifestyles through bribes from foreign countries.

The loan, one can assume, was used to pay for Hunter’s drugs, strip club visits and prostitutes and other extravagant spending. Who knows what Joe used HIS money for – Adult diapers? Alzheimers medication? His retirement fund? Money is the root of all evil and the Biden are continually working angles to get their share.