In order to further the Democrat party’s gargantuan voter drive as they allow massive numbers of foreigners into the country, they are using the guise of asylum to usher in as many illegal aliens as they can into the country.

The scam of allowing so many illegal aliens to pretend that they need asylum to get into the United States is done to not only make the foreigners look downtrodden and victimized, it puts them in a special category of treatment so that the government and their partners can offer them targeted resources to stay in the country and receive handouts.

The truth of the matter is, in FY2022, only about 52% of asylum claims were deemed to be legitimate according to the Council on Foreign Relations. They report that under current laws, “migrants who arrive in the US may apply for asylum status if they have suffered persecution or fear they will suffer persecution if they return to their home country.” They describe asylum as a form of legal protection that host countries grant to migrants who have been forcibly displaced and are fleeing harm or persecution, or the fear of persecution, in their place of origin.

According to U.S. and international law, a claim of persecution must be made based on one of five “protected grounds”: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. Migrants seeking asylum in the United States must apply for it from within the country or at one of its 328 official ports of entry rather than from abroad.

However, a LOT of those seeking asylum are frauds. Many of those who claim asylum have been coached on what to say so that they can apply for asylum whether their situation warrants the protections or not. Even the illegal aliens admit that this is happening.

The Center for Immigration Studies released a video in May where they asked a number of Venezuelans why they were coming to America. Todd Bensman, the Center’s senior national security fellow, says, “Over the past two years, I have been interviewing Venezuelans in Mexico who are using the humanitarian claim to qualify for entry to the U.S. Many are committing fraud (a felony) – throwing away their documents and pretending they have just escaped their home country and political persecution when in fact they have been living safely and happily, and gainfully employed, in other countries in South America and the Caribbean for years.” His video shows interviews with the illegal aliens who have been told how to get into the country – which is to claim they have a “credible fear” of going back to their own home countries.

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Currently, the Senate Republicans are in negotiations with the Democrats over Ukraine and Israel funding and they are trying to include border security in any legislation, including changing the threshold screening standards for asylum seekers.

CBS News and other leftist media outlets like Ms. Magazine call the Republican plans to rein in the fake asylum claims “drastic” and “dangerous.” Democratic lawmakers call it “extreme.” That’s because they don’t want the invasion of our country stopped in any way.

The Republicans’ drastic, dangerous and extreme plans include not allowing illegals asylum if they transited through a third country without seeking refuge there before reaching the United States. Seems like common sense to me.

As of May, it’s reported that there are more than 848,000 illegal aliens who have claimed asylum waiting in immigration court backlog. With no limits on the number of asylum requests the government can grant each year, it’s unknown how many will prevail in their court cases – or how many will even show up in court. But what we DO know is that the number of foreigners claiming asylum will keep increasing.

According to the Dept. of Homeland Security, California, New York, Maryland, and Illinois have the most asylees, with a majority of them being single males between the ages of 35 and 44 – which is pretty much the demographic that we constantly see crossing our borders.

There are SO MANY fake asylum seekers at the Arizona border right now (about 10K migrants a day are showing up), the Biden administration has shut down a port of entry. The Democrats need more asylum officers and immigration judges for the onslaught and have asked for the resources in the Ukraine/Israel funding bill described above. In Arizona, smugglers are dropping off illegal immigrants in the state and are overwhelming Customs and Border Patrol.

The Democrat Party’s answer to the “crisis” is to figure out a way to let more foreigners into the country and at a quicker pace – not to stop it from happening. They don’t care if the foreigners seeking asylum don’t actually need it. It’s just another scam to bring them into the country and give them taxpayer-funded resources. In Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood, the state of Illinois is opening up a shelter to house up to 2,200 asylum seekers at a taxpayer cost of $65 million.