The no-consequences, no-bail, pro-criminal Democrats have come up with another way to coddle (and reward) criminals. According to The Epoch Times, they’re allowing those who wrongly claimed pandemic-era tax credits to keep 20% of what they got.

Well, isn’t that lovely of them.

So the more you “stole” from the government, the more you get to keep. Steal $100,000, you only get $20,000. But steal $2 million and you get $400,000. That’s quite a return on your investment. Better than many of the other options out there including stocks, bonds and gambling at the casino.

Yes, the Biden IRS has launched a program where taxpayers only have to give back 80% of wrongly claimed pandemic tax credits instead of ALL OF IT. They also avoid paying big fines. Or going to jail apparently.

The new program being rolled out of the IRS is a “voluntary disclosure program” that gives a 20% finder fee to businesses for their efforts to illegally claim taxpayer dollars for their businesses. This fraud was done by businesses, not individuals. They took a tax credit which was designed for businesses to continue to pay employees during the COVID-19 shutdowns that the states demanded.

Over 3.6 million claims for pandemic relief came in and the IRS said that the fraud just kept getting worse and worse over time – possibly amounting to over $2.8 billion. But why not try to take advantage of the Democratic administration? It’s not like the Democrats are against handing out fraudulent money. They don’t care about fraud because it’s not THEIR money. It’s OUR money.

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In Michigan, a recent audit has exposed that the Democratic Whitmer administration paid out millions in unemployment fraud to people who were incarcerated or dead. As Dire Straits says, “Money for nothing and your chicks for free.” It’s easy work if you can get it – and you CAN get it with Democrats handing out money for doing nothing. Even if you are dead.

The IRS, of course, is defending the poor fraudsters who scammed the government for pandemic funds. It wasn’t THEIR fault. They were conned into it by bad actors called “promoters.” IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said in a statement, “The disclosure program provides a much-needed option for employers who were pulled into these claims and now realize they shouldn’t have applied.”

Pulled into claims? Yeah, right.

So who got the green? The Benjamins? The big bucks? Big companies… small companies… everyone had their hand out because everyone was getting paid, billionaires included. The money was flowing like Democrat money does – unending with no vetting. But don’t blame those poor companies or the IRS for the fraud. Once again, I remind you: it’s totally not their fault.

And what if the companies can’t repay the 80% tax credit they received? Don’t worry. The friendly IRS folks will let them make installment payments. And no one will be charged any interest or any penalties on any money that they repay up front.

Like most in the Democrat party – whether they are in the IRS, FBI, judicial system, etc., they are operatives of selective enforcement – giving benefits (or punishments) to the people and issues of their choosing.

In this case, the IRS is making a decision on who gets tax relief and who doesn’t. Nothing new for a Democrat administration run by a corrupt 81-year-old.