Every day it seems like there is a new record number of illegal aliens being ushered into the country by President Disaster and the Democratic party. Drugs, sex trafficking, rapes, murders…the consequences of their open border policy doesn’t seem to be on the radar of the Democrats because power is all they can see – future Democratic voters is all they can see. Anything else is collateral damage that they are willing to put up with.

So the record number of illegal aliens breaking into the country…the record number of terrorists caught (and not caught) at the border…the record number of taxpayer money being spent on them… the record number of fentanyl getting into our country…nothing matters to the Democrats. Nothing but getting as many future Democratic voters into the country as possible while they can – that’s goal #1, followed closely by their climate change agenda and imposing racist DEI policies on everyone.

The Pew Research Center reported in 2021 that there were an estimated 10.5 million illegal aliens in the country. That number is laughable. So are the low estimates of how many millions that Biden is letting into the country. The government might have a clue about how many are in the country but they certainly aren’t going to tell US the truth.

And they aren’t just from Mexico anymore. They’re from China, Iran, Guatemala, India and dozens of other countries. They’re coming from everywhere and they’re not being stopped from entering the country. They are unvetted and disappearing into our country with their hands out to any freebies that they can get.

Even the Coast Guard is reporting that the number of illegal aliens they have caught entering the country has doubled in recent years. The report comes out of Government Accountability Office during a recent hearing.

Rear Admiral Jo-Ann Burdian, Assistant Commandant for Response Policy at the U.S., testified about the Coast Guard policing the waters from the cartels, ”They traffic drugs, weapons, wildlife, and humans, which causes instability and violence in Central America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere, driving irregular migration to the United States. Illicit drugs destined for the United States devastate American families, leading to record-setting drug-related deaths in recent years.”

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Collateral damage. That’s what Americans are. Death and destruction of our country and her people are not just allowed by the Democratic party, they’re supported by their policies.