Sure President Disaster’s poll numbers are in the tank – even among Democrats. But that doesn’t mean that they vote for him again. Just imagine the possible alternative – TRUMP. That’s really all it will take for the fear-mongering Democrats to convince their minions to vote for old man senile Biden again, no matter how corrupt and incompetent he is.

So don’t get too excited if Saturday Night Live actually does an anti-Biden skit, showing everyone what an idiot the president is. The material is just to rich to ignore. It doesn’t mean they don’t support him to be president again – unless of course, Obama’s folks come up with some new great candidate to run instead.

The website American Thinker calls the irrational Democrat voting strategy the “always blue” mindset. And they’re good at it. The Dems almost always stick together on things – which is a far cry from what happens with Republicans. It seems that no matter how bad things get in Democrat-run cities (NYC, Chicago, etc.), they still get the votes they need to stay or get into power.

This happens regardless of how bad things are in places like California where there is soaring homelessness, poverty, crime, taxes burdensome regulations.

So even with CNN and others freaking out about Trump being ahead of Biden in a lot of polls, I really don’t think there is much to worry about if you are a Democrat. They were caught flatfooted when Trump won the first time but they learned their lesson and I really doubt it’s going to happen again.

While the Democrats may be losing the black vote and the pro-Palestinian youth vote, I am pretty confident that they will find the ballots that they need to find in order to win the presidency. Because that’s what it’s about – ballots, not votes.