The distractions are many these days—and the parade of so-called breaking news consumes millions daily.

I think the saner members of society limit the amount of news they take in. It can really give you a terrible outlook on things.

I mean, there are now two wars—and we are pretty much paying for both. While the one in Ukraine seems to be a stalemate of sorts—the war in Gaza looks like it could go out of control and spread like wildfire at any moment.

Looking at the economy, we could be on the verge of a recession worse than any we’ve seen in a long time. The price of everything seems to be out of control.

The divide between left and right keeps us arguing, and if you’re not into politics, you can get busy watching sports, porn, video games, and an endless stream of TV shows and movies to make sure you are not looking around much or seeing what is actually happening to our country.

If you were watching, you would realize there are three things right now that could be the end of us all—or at least the end of things as we have known them.

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China, of course, tops my list, as the CCP is the biggest global threat to America and all Western nations. They are building a huge military, and they aren’t going through all that trouble not to use it.

Next is our debt. We owe so much money to so many people that we may never dig ourselves out of that hole—not without making things much worse. It was one of the failures of ancient Rome; reckless fiscal policies led to bankruptcy.

Which brings me to number three, and that is the border. It is worse than you have been told—even by me—because the evidence of wholesale failure is coming out every day.

As we speak, tens of thousands of people from all over the world are on their way to cross the border illegally. Some want a better life, some want to be Americans, but others want to invade, rob, pillage, and steal anything and everything they can. Others want to destroy America, the country they call the Great Satan, and they will sacrifice their own lives to make it happen. The terrorist attacks are coming. It’s not a matter of whether it will happen but of when, where, and how many.

Let me start with Oscar El Blue—a reporter for Real America’s Voice who has been from the border all the way to South America, covering the flood of illegal aliens streaming into our country. This may be the biggest threat of all in the end—time will tell.

El Blue interviewed a caravan leader who believes the border is out of control and that immigration is being weaponized against America.

It depends on whom you ask, but the estimates on illegal entrants under the Biden regime range from about 6 million to as many as 15 million people. The numbers are setting new records every single day—and many of the once mouthy Democrat politicians who chided Republicans for sounding the alarm on the invasion find themselves begging for it to stop.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams says the situation is bankrupting and devastating the city.

And those people are being spread all over the country—even though most of them are unknown to law enforcement. Could they be terrorists? Of course, they could, and everybody knows it—so why are we letting this continue day after day and month after month?

Alejandro Mayorkas, one guy who really should have a handle on how many people have broken the law and come into the United States, won’t answer any questions.