The Democrat Holy War is about to enter a new phase—just like the war in Gaza.

For the second time, Michigan Rep Rashida Tlaib is facing Censure in the House of Representatives—this time for pushing the antisemitic narrative that “from the river to the sea” is an aspirational-themed comment when it really means the total destruction of Israel and the elimination of Jews from the Middle East.

It’s like saying Heil Hitler was an aspirational call for freedom for the Nazis in World War Two—that was something the Babylon Bee actually put in a headline to point out how far-fetched and utterly ridiculous such a claim really is.

Tlaib has a long history of anti-Semitic remarks and comments that condemn Israel.

So, now the censure resolution has passed through an effort to have it tabled—which means a vote is coming today on the House floor. Let me be clear about something here—Tlaib is not the only member of the squad spewing hateful rhetoric.

The left has lost their minds, and it might get worse now that it looks like Tlaib is actually going to get sanctioned for her hateful comments.

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The problem here is that everyone knows how far out of line she is to proclaim Israel as the villain. This is a country that has been attacked repeatedly for 75 years and one that certainly has the right to return fire when terrorists launch an unprovoked attack on unarmed civilians—cutting babies from the womb and burning the elderly in their homes.

The Democrats are so obtuse that they refuse to understand that they are cutting their own party in half by being weak-willed on the comments about the terrorist attacks on Israel and trying to find some way to rationalize the attacks from Hamas.

Oh, and let’s not forget the star of our little drama here—Rashida Tlaib herself—who fashions herself as a proper victim—I mean, of course, she is.

She calls for the destruction of Israel, and, yes, that hateful video is still posted on her X account for the world to see. So, she is not terribly concerned about the anti-Semitic trope at all.

And then there is the guy who started it all by shipping $100 billion to Iran and played softball with global terrorist networks by allowing the mullahs to keep selling oil and funding groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

It almost seems like Obama did it all on purpose—but now he is peddling some shallow self-reflecting nonsense, acting as if he takes some modicum of responsibility. He went on to say that all of us are complicit to some degree with what is going on in Israel. What?! Even in the face of a potentially catastrophic war, the self loathing and lecturing continues. These are not serious people and we are paying the price for their worldview every day.