Over the years, a combination of factors has led to the deterioration of any kind of moral code for a lot of America’s youth. You can blame it on the indoctrination by the schools and universities; bad parenting; participation trophies; CRT and DEI taught in schools; cell phones; TikTok; single-parent households; no consequences for bad behaviors… Whatever the reason, America’s youth seems to be more out of control than ever and have no moral direction in their lives.

While the youth of America claims to be ultra-tolerant and accepting of all, they’re really only accepting of what they personally think is good. There is no tolerance for those who oppose them.

And as they watch adults do things with no repercussions (out of control crime, no cash bail, Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots), it’s no wonder that they think they can do the same – whether it’s a smash and grab at a high end retail store in Chicago, stealing merchandise out of Walgreens, pummeling a teacher in school or blocking a highway or bridge for their “righteous” cause…

The youth of today weren’t around when 9/11 happened and for the most part, don’t learn accurate history. They get their information from TikTok, their peers and socialist teachers. So when Hamas attacked Israel, the young crazies coming out and are spewing their pro-Palestine rhetoric. And a lot of the colleges are okay with it.

Even some high schools are. A high school in Oakland, California flew a Palestinian flag outside of their building last week. In Chicago, Palestinian students led a walkout to support the killings in Gaza. Students in Ohio did the same.

It’s amazing how many high school and college kids are justifying the terror and murder that came out of Hamas against Israel. In their pro-Palestinian protests, they are trying to come up with some sort of moral equivalence. But there is none.

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You can chalk it all up as ignorance – but it’s ignorance that represents itself as evil.