When it comes to the homeless and drug addicts and keeping the streets and sidewalks of San Francisco safe for the people who live there and the business owners trying to make a living, the city of San Francisco hasn’t really cared much about doing anything. It would be too mean and totally un-equitable to do anything… until now…

Because Chinese President Xi Jinping is coming for a visit during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, it’s all hands on deck with getting the unsightly San Fran vagrants the heck out of eye sight of the conference. Yes, the city is busy cleaning out the homeless so that world dignitaries won’t see what is going on in American Democrat-run cities.

Hit the road, Jack. Democrats are all about PR, not so much about realism and actually representing their constituents. Leftist California Governor admitted that San Fran WAS getting cleaned up because of the conference and impressing the communist genocidal leader.

So bring out the sanitation crews and the fencing. Hm… seems like this could have been done YEARS ago to help the ever-growing problem in the city before it turned into a complete cesspool.

But it took foreign visitors to move the city along to clean things up – throwing away mattresses and tents, hosing down streets and washing away urine and feces… And the homeless are being herded into other parts of the city.

One of the people living on the streets told the Daily Mail, “We’ve got nowhere to go and they’re trying to push us to areas we don’t want to go…It’s like they’re trying to throw away human beings.”

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It’s only for a little while though. Once APEC is gone, the tents and the homeless will be back. As this exercise will show, the problem CAN be fixed, but there is no commitment or will on the part of the Democrat party to do so.