The Army has sent out letters to about 1,900 soldiers who were “separated” for vaccine refusal. These are the folks who were forced out of the Army for refusing the untested mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

In a letter signed by Brig. Gen. Hope Rampy, Army Director of Personnel Management, she said, “As a result of the rescission of all current COVID-19 vaccination requirements, former soldiers who were involuntarily separated for their refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination may request a correction of their military records.”

A correction? Seriously?! That’s what the government is calling their insane Covid mandate that pushed soldiers out of the military branches?! What a bunch of B.S. No apology either.

Rampy also says that those who want to return to service can contact a recruiter. Uh… who would want to do that exactly?

Things are tough in the Army and other military branches with recruitment way down and that’s why they are allowing soldiers back in. However, I doubt many of them want to come back to the Biden military which already betrayed them.

It was around December of 2021 when the military branches started their disciplinary actions and were discharging soldiers who wouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccines, ignoring most of their requests for religious and other exemptions.

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Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth had said, “Unvaccinated Soldiers present risk to the force and jeopardize readiness.”

No, the MAIN risk to the force is the Democrat party.