Poor Joe Biden is hemorrhaging voter support from all sides. Even Democrats are starting to jump ship.

According to Just the News, Biden’s approval rating among Democrats went down a whopping 11% in the last month, dropping him to 75%. Overall, among all voters, his approval rating is at a dismal 37%.

So the question is… can he still get the Democrat nomination AND the presidential win with the help of the same cheating and shenanigans that happened last time – or is he a DOA candidate that needs to be tossed overboard?

The answer might lie in the fact that he’s losing the youth vote, and more specifically the pro-Hamas anti-Israel vote. Thousands showed up to a protest in Detroit recently and they were chanting against, “Genocide Joe.” That was just one of many protests all across the country, many of them attended by college students and many of them not happy with Joe’s support of Israel.

One speaker at the Detroit protest said, “To Joe Biden…I would call him president, but he doesn’t deserve it.” Another said, “We knew you were bad, but this is a new low.” That person went on to call Biden a segregationist and a racist (words usually reserved for former President Trump).

Hm… they KNEW Biden was bad…Since when?

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Yet another protester chanted, “Biden, Biden, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!”

Among the groups organizing the protest were We the People Michigan, The Arab American News, Detroit Action and Mothering Justice.

If the youth and all the organizations that helped put Joe into power the last time are turning against him, the Democrats might want to start looking for a new candidate – or maybe buy up some more of those helpful voting machines.