Since Michigan voters ushered in an era of Democratic control in state government, the Michigan House, Senate and governor have been full steam ahead voting on gun control legislation. Back in May of this year, they implemented red flag laws, stricter background checks and safe storage requirements.

And recently, instead of passing legislation that has even the slightest bit of common sense, and limiting their gun bans to people who commit actual domestic assaults, the Democrats have some really crazy sh*t going on now.

They’ve passed legislation that, according to State Senator Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) bans people from having or buying guns or ammunitions if they are convicted of misdemeanors including certain lobbying and campaign finance violations, false statements on a veterans benefit application, certain gambling offenses, disorderly conduct at a funeral, possession of an aquatic prohibited species and knowingly allowing an MMA or boxing professional to compete against an amateur in an amateur contest.

The Detroit News says that the changes to Michigan law means that more than 190 additional high court misdemeanors and felonies (many unrelated to domestic violence) would merit a three-year to five-year gun rights suspension and pointed out that this information is in a House Fiscal Agency analysis.

This unconstitutional legislation is sure to spark lawsuits across the state. And like most Democrats, Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her co-horts in the Michigan House and Senate have either not read the Constitution or are blatantly ignoring it because the Second Amendment is still in there as far as I know.

Gov. Whitmer calls the new laws “common sense” but anyone with common sense would call the Democrats a bunch of gun-grabbing nut jobs who intend to take guns away from every Michigander that they can.