So it seems that that illegal aliens in the country are not satisfied with their accommodations. After living in ritzy hotels in NYC, they are none too pleased that Mayor Eric Adams has shipped some of them off to a tent city in Brooklyn where they are not near a supermarket, their jobs or the schools their kids are going to on the dime of the taxpayer. Nope. Many demanded to go back to Manhattan and the government, of course, accommodated them, whisking them away from their un-luxurious tent city in Brooklyn.

The ungrateful illegal aliens who are being cared for by the local, state and federal governments in addition to non-profits and NGOs who get government grants, have gotten accustomed to a certain lifestyle and living in a tent in Brooklyn – especially with winter coming – doesn’t cut it.

So back to Manhattan they went – or at least most of them according to witnesses. One of the illegal aliens whined, “My kids go to school in the Bronx. For us to live out here is ridiculous.”

Well, we certainly don’t want to make life uncomfortable for them. That’s for sure.

Then we have the Venezuelans who are not happy with their accommodations in Chicago – so much so that they’re self-deporting back to their own country. The poor things can’t get jobs with good pay and they don’t like the shelters they’ve been put in, including the floors of police stations. They have also cited a lack of migrant infrastructure (freebies) and ambivalent support from locals (gee, I wonder why) as reasons to go back to Venezuela. They enjoyed their $15K vouchers for rental assistance but now that the housing taxpayer handout is gone, they had to give up their nice apartments.

Others who were able to find jobs paying cash can’t afford the new world of inflationary Bidenomics so they’re going home.

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