As the never-ending flow of illegal aliens come into the country, the Democrats are doing their best to spend local, state and federal funds on them so that they are comfortable, have jobs, can get an education, get health care, have food and cell phones and can find housing. Leftist NGOs and non-profits are also helping out as are churches who want to turn a nice profit through government contracts and grants.

Because all of the taxpayer-funded handouts, in NYC, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams is now telling his townsfolk that their taxpayer money will soon NOT be used for the services of legal New York residents – things like libraries, schools and police… Those services will all have their budgets slashed.

Instead, NYC will continue to spend spend taxpayer dollars on the priority of illegal alien comforts.

Democrats don’t mind that lawful Americans have their paychecks constantly raided by the government, leaving them little money to spend on their own housing, health care and other necessities. And in return, they get little to nothing back from their governments.

Adams is also asking non-profits to step up more and is telling the voters to contact the president to get more money for the city (to pay for the illegals, not to help New Yorkers.)

Better yet, why not recall the mayor? That seems like a much better idea.

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The anti-American Democrats continue to destroy our cities and the rest of the country while the insane and ignorant Democrat voters keep voting them into office. At what point will ignorant Democrats say enough is enough? Do they have to get thrown out of their own homes? Do they need to stop getting welfare checks? Does crime have to increase 2000%?