With Thanksgiving behind us—we look at the world and see instability, change, and war.

In the Netherlands, we saw the earth-shattering election of Geert Wilders, who preached for decades against an invasion of Muslims into Western Europe, the Green New Deal, and the forced destruction of Dutch farms and agriculture under ill-advised climate deals forced by the EU and WHO.

Just days before Wilder claimed a historic victory, voters in Argentina rejected socialism, electing a man often compared to Donald Trump—Javier Milei—another far-right leader intent on ending the shift to the left.

Here at home, Donald Trump is leading in the polls, and the Democrats are in a full-blown panic with less than one year to go.

On the world stage, all eyes remain on Israel and the war in Gaza, where Hamas released a few dozen of the hostages they took when they murdered, raped, and defiled more than 1,400 mostly unarmed civilians on October 7.

Among the hostages released was four-year-old Abigail Edan, whose parents were murdered in front of her that day. That’s right, these people took a four-year-old hostage.

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Another, nine-year-old Irish-Israeli, Emily Hand, whose family thought she was dead, was at a sleepover when the bloody attacks began.

For now, the IDF has ordered a temporary pause in fighting to allow for hostages to be released and has promised an additional day for every 10 hostages set free.
Despite this sliver of good news, let us not forget that the weakness of Joe Biden led us here.

War on his watch first came to Ukraine in February 2022 and then to Israel in October. This weakness will lead to other conflicts if we don’t get back on the right track soon.

Biden’s support of Israel exposed huge divisions among partisan Democrats—many of whom say they will never support Biden again. Others are so angry that they turn out to heckle him whenever and wherever they can—it happened again when so-called “Free Palestine” activists shouted Biden down at the lighting of the Christmas Tree on Nantucket over the weekend.

And this, like I have been telling you since it began, is the Democrat’s Holy War that could tear the party apart once and for all.

It is strange to me how pleased Joe seems to be with himself—I mean, he has been a failure on both domestic and foreign policy, but to hear him tell it—he is a hero and thinks he is doing a marvelous job. His gleeful attitude while the world burns around him is galling, to say the least.

He was cracking smiles and jokes at a press conference discussing American hostages in Palestine. There’s sort of a disconnect there.

This guy can spin anything—well, he can try. The polls are getting worse all the time—setting all new record lows with one-time constituents fleeing in search of competence and sanity—something they are not being offered currently.
And coming back to the Holy War, this is a pivotal issue for millions of Democrat voters. Young people are rejecting support for Israel by numbers as high as 70%.
And the left knows without every special interest group they have cobbled together in recent years—they stand no chance of holding on to power.

Their answer is a permanent ceasefire and a two-state solution. They need this mess cleaned up as soon as possible.

But here is the problem Joe Biden has—he does support Israel, but not very strongly, it appears.

This is driving Muslims away—and Democrats know full well that in a state like Michigan, that may cost them across the board.

And we all know that this war in Gaza is far from being concluded, as the IDF has a lot of work to do.

And, of course, there is still the matter of the ‘other war’ in Europe, which is increasingly unpopular with people across the political spectrum.

And now we know Russia and China are becoming much closer thanks to the weakness of Joe Biden. In fact, there is talk of a literal tunnel to connect the two communist dictators in pursuit of global domination.

Yes, Joe Biden is a very dangerous man—because incompetence is very dangerous.