Identity politics is the bread and butter of America’s rising socialist movement, which is more often called the Democrat Party, led by the fading and senile Joe Biden.
To be clear, Joe doesn’t actually stand for anything, and he never has. Go look at his years of flip-flopping, and you will see that senile Joe just does whatever is politically expedient. He goes for the low-hanging fruit and bends to the political winds every single time.

But the idea of identity politics—or, more accurately, multi-culturalism—has been appeasing and enticing various special interest groups to back the Democrats here at home and the progressives in Europe and elsewhere.

For some reason, the left wing of those political movements had the idea that if they created numerous special interest groups of various sizes and declared them victims, they could tell them that they, the Democrats, would save them from the mean Republicans and Conservatives.

This has led infamously to the invasion of Europe and now the United States by literally tens of millions of illegal aliens and migrants from all kinds of nations with almost nothing in common—certainly not with European cultures or the United States.

If you get caught trying to point out the threat these mass migrations pose to the host countries—you are smeared as a racist, a bigot, an Islamaphobe, and a thousand other things.

Of course, that is not true.

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In Poland over the weekend, hundreds of thousands turned out to celebrate their nation and their heritage. Poland is among a very small handful of nations that have flat-out rejected the EU’s demand to flood their nation with people who don’t give a damn about Polish heritage and sovereignty.

Other nations have not been so stringent—in fact, several countries are now facing real identity crisis.

In England, France, and Germany, the Palestinian flag was raised over national memorials and statues as the migrants made demands of the governments.

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protestors have flooded the streets and clashed with police in violent altercations. If you speak out—you put yourself in the crosshairs.

UK Home Secretary Braverman was fired after describing mass migration and multiculturalism as “toxic.”

That’s right, Braverman was fired so that Rishi Sunak could re-make his cabinet without opposition to the ongoing invasion and destruction of British culture.

But while Britain is fighting to keep its identity—some, like Poland and now Spain, are fighting back.

In Spain—Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is trying to make a backroom deal to allow a group of rebel separatists to be pardoned so he can get their votes and continue down the path to socialism—but the people are not sitting back and taking it.

But why is it not leading newscasts here and around the world? Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards are rejecting the deal Sanchez is trying to pull off—and it’s getting pretty serious.

Sanchez is working to pardon a group of convicted terrorists—who happen to be politicians—because he needs their votes to remain the head of the government.

And it’s happening all across the West. Here in America, multi-culturalism has been exposed by the war in Gaza and is threatening to undermine America’s dedication to Israel.

Hamas’ unprovoked terrorist attack on Israel has literally cut the Democrat Party in two—and that internal holy war shows no signs of stopping.

This is what happens when you put identity politics ahead of citizenship. This is what happens when you put waves of illegal aliens ahead of citizenship—and I can tell you, what we are seeing in Poland and Spain could soon be happening here when Americans finally stand up and say, “No more!”