If the Democrats don’t want us to see something or say something, they will do what they can to shut us up. We learned that during the last election and during the pandemic madness. And the media and their friends in social media were happy to help them.

They shut down Covid dissension. They shut down stories about Hunter’s laptop. They shut down whatever they needed to in order to win elections and keep their B.S. narratives going. They still do it.

The latest censorship on the docket is not allowing us to read the manifesto from the trans shooter in Nashville after he killed six people including three children. Why? Because it would make trans folks look bad. Yep, that appears to be the only reason.

So the leftists have kept the manifesto under wraps until as long as possible. It’s only now that we know about the murderer’s hatred of Christians and kids who go to “fancy private schools” because some of it has been leaked to Steven Crowder with Louder with Crowder. Some of the manifesto includes the murdering trans saying things like, “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privileges.”

If you’re looking for this information on Facebook, however, you won’t see it because they are censoring the information. When Louder with Crowder posted information from the manifesto, Facebook censored it saying “Your post may go against out Community Standards on violence and incitement.”

What they really meant was that the post goes against leftists who want to make sure that trans terrorists and murderers aren’t exposed for their evil deeds.