So you think you have freedom of speech? So you think that you should be safe from the zillions of illegal aliens that Biden and the Democrats are letting break into our country?

Do you foolishly believe that you live in a constitutional republican form of government? That is not the case. You live under the tyrannical rule of the Democrats. That is more evident every day.

And if it’s weren’t so sad and disgusting, a new edict from DHS Chief Mayorkas of Homeland Insecurity, would be hilarious – a skit for a Saturday Night Live episode.

What’s he done now? He’s ordered his agents not to “misgender” illegal aliens. Yes, really. No joke.

What IS a joke is our government telling our border agents not to use “incorrect” pronouns.

The Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation posted on X recently that they obtained CBP (Customs & Border Patrol) documents directing personnel to use woke language when encountering individuals who are invading the United States. The documents read, “Do NOT use ‘he, him, she, her’ pronouns until you have more information about, or provided by, the individual.”

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Same goes for the words “Mr., Mrs., Ms. And Ma’am.”

Additionally, border agents are not to refer to being LGBTQ+ as a “choice” or a “lifestyle” or make jokes about sexual orientation or gender. They are also told not to offer personal opinions or question the authenticity of a person who tells them they identify as LGBTQ+.

No, this is NOT a joke. This is the federal government under Democratic control.