Spying is a hallmark of the Democrat party. They pretty much couldn’t exist without it. And it’s fun for them. Now, Just the News has reported that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had asked a federal court to hide its spying on Congress for five years – and their request was granted.

What kind of spying? Well, apparently the Biden administration’s DOJ seized the personal phone and email records of Senate investigators who was conducting congressional oversight of the agency. The DOJ justified doing so as part of an investigation into leaks involving their fake Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Russia collusion.

The Democrats are really ingenious. They come up a lie, start a fake investigation and they use their powers to go after their political enemies. The lie continues and so do the investigations and spying. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. And they never get caught. They never pay a price for it so why not continue to do it?

The folks the corrupt DOJ targeted were staffers who worked for the Senate Judiciary and House Intelligence committees who Just the News says have “direct oversight responsibility for the FBI and Justice Department.”

One of the Senate investigators, Jason Foster, who was chief investigate counsel for Sen. Chuck Grassley at the time, who had his phone and email records seized by the DOJ told Just the News that the government SUCCESSFULLY asked a federal court to hide its spying on Congress for five consecutive years. The corrupt DOJ, under both the Trump and Biden administration, continued to make yearly requests to keep the existence of the congressional subpoenas secret.

Yep, that’s right. Nothing to see here folks when Democrats are being their corrupt selves.

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The seizure of Foster’s personal data occurred in 2017 and he’s just now getting notice of it. So are others including former House Intelligence Committee lawyer Kash Patel, who has since filed a federal lawsuit alleging that his civil rights were violated.

And now there is ANOTHER investigation – this time by the DOJ Inspector general and the House Judiciary Committee – to determine if the surveillance of congressional staffer’s communications was lawful or whether it violated the Constitution’s separation of powers clause.

GEE, YOU THINK???!!! There really is NO end to the corruption of the Democrat party. They continue their corruption whether they are fully in power or are employed by a Republican presidential administration. They are Democrats first which means sabotaging the current Republican president is not just a hobby, it’s a career. A career that spans a time frame of infinity.

Foster is worried that whistleblowers will be concerned about coming forward after learning that the DOJ can spy and unmask their identities. He said, “That’s a huge concern beyond just the constitutional speech or debate privilege issues, and attorney client privilege issues. I mean, I was also an attorney representing the committee…But yeah, there area whistleblower issues as well. I mean, obviously, I had communications, you know, with lots of FBI whistleblowers, and other agencies, and sometimes the best protection for whistleblowers is anonymity. Well, if they’re watching my phone records, and they know who I’m talking to, and they can guess or figure out who I’m talking to, that’s going to kill whistleblowers from talking to me.”

YEP, that is EXACTLY what the Democrats want to have happen. Job well done.