While we continue to get distracted by so many things every day—the bleeding at the southern border continues. It’s so bad that the northern border is now hemorrhaging, too. Nearly 190,000 illegals came from the north last year—and that is more than the last ten years combined.

All the while, the Director of Homeland Security keeps lying about it, saying the border is secure when we all know that is not the case. It’s estimated that six to 15 million people have flowed into this country in just the past three years.

And just like how $33.5 Trillion in debt is not sustainable—neither is this unrestricted invasion of people who are not citizens—and most never will be. Sadly, millions of them will just be looters who mooch off the system—like any other parasite—and they expect the host to take care of it.

It goes on all day long at airports and bus stops all across the country. Illegals are streaming through hoping to catch a ride to your town so you can pick up the bill.

Why do you think this is happening right now—when it did not happen under the watchful eye of Donald Trump during his first term in office? I think you know—but if you have any doubt about who the illegals want to thank for the chance to come in illegally, you should see the video of a caravan chanting Biden’s name as they approached the border.

But instead of paying attention to the explosion of humanity that is overwhelming our resources at the local, state, and federal levels, this administration and this President have very different priorities.
And when it comes to considering what is important—you, the American citizen and taxpayer come in dead last. But remember, it’s always in the name of Democracy…except when it isn’t. Zelensky just canceled Ukraine’s upcoming presidential election. Hey WaPo, doesn’t democracy die in darkness or something?

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All of this failure in the West Wing is having an impact as voters by the millions are now turning their backs on Biden, the socialists, the globalists, and everyone who makes it seem that citizenship is worthless.

And yet, there is one guy who thinks approval ratings in the mid-30s is a vote of confidence and an endorsement of a job well done.

So, we are funding a defense of Ukraine’s border while surrendering our own, so we should at least consider what that could mean down the road, right?
Well, you don’t have to go too far to get some answers—because we can find them on the streets of London, where police are cracking down on street preachers for reading from the bible.

And don’t think for a second that cannot happen here. It can, and it already is.