Because of cell phones and social media, the planet can see, sometimes in real time, what Iran-backed Hamas if up to. Because of this, we see that they have attacked Israel in a very disgusting way.

They didn’t go after their soldiers, they went after Israeli citizens, the women and children and the elderly, shooting them down in the streets, going into their homes, killing some and taking others as hostages.

They are, some say, acting like the barbarians of ISIS. And it’s all being recorded. Even though it’s hard to watch, the American people, and the rest of the planet, should take a look at what they are doing. We should all look at the evil and terrorism that Hamas is participating in – and hold Iran accountable as well – and those who support them.

Save the videos. Don’t let them get expunged from the internet by the politically-correct politicians, media companies and Jew-haters who will inevitably call for a cease-fire and tell everyone that both the Israelis and the Palestinians are equally atrocious in their war against each other.

No. The Israelis warn civilians to get out of harms’s way. The Palestinians have a heads up and they know that a ground war is coming. Israel goes after Hamas, not Palestinian civilians.

The Palestinians shouldn’t be near the places that Hamas is held up in – but many times the terrorists actually put their “offices” and weapons on the properties of schools, hospitals and mosques. That’s because they don’t care about their own people any more than they care about the people in Israel. The Palestinian people are just props for Hamas. Dead children make good videos for the Hamas marketing arm of their terrorist organization.

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So as this war continues, remember what Hamas did…

Remember the concert-goers who were kidnapped and murdered as they tried to escape the Hamas terrorists.

Remember the Holocaust surviving grandma who was kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists.

Remember all of the sick people who blame Israel for what is happening and remember those who are supporting the Palestinians and the Hamas terrorists during this.

Remember our Jew-hating politicians in America like Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Remember that our disgusting Secretary of State’s first impulse was to ask for a cease fire after Hamas just murdered innocent children.

Remember that on 11:46 a.m. on Monday, October 9th, the White House called a lid for the day and Biden couldn’t be bothered to make any statements to the American people about our kidnapped and murdered Americans in Israel.

Remember all of the sick things that you are seeing that Hamas is capable of remember who is making excuses for their evil.

What Hamas is doing is not in the name of religion or even because they want water, land or oil. This is an attack on the Jewish people. They are killing babies, children and old people who are not a threat to them. They are putting children that they have captured in cages. That’s how you know that this, like the Holocaust, is about the extermination of the Jewish people and should be treated accordingly.