With two major wars raging, a wide-open southern border, and a global economy teetering on the brink of failure, there is a lot to distract us.

Millions of people never even look up from their smartphones to see what is happening in the world around them. Lots of smartphones and billions of dumb people—to the architects of a Great Reset, I say, “well done.”

We live in a world that is driven by entertainment. You have social media—all you can handle and more—plus Pinterest and Facebook Marketplace to gobble up your attention and keep you looking away from the emergencies in plain view.

There’s plenty of sports, porn, and gambling to keep you distracted. Don’t forget you can buy 5,000 calories on almost every street corner for a few dollars to get fat and happy, too.

You don’t need to worry about much because the doctor has a pill for whatever ails you.

If you fill out the right forms, it’s all free—and if you’re not a citizen, there is more free stuff than you could ever imagine.

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Places like the Big Apple are one big rotten mess—and nobody does anything to fix it. The politicians are lining their pockets while yours are emptying. The harder we work, the more they give away to those who don’t want to lift a finger.

We live in a world of distraction that will lead to destruction if we don’t figure it out soon. With all the noise and everything competing for our attention, one issue rises above the rest. One that is behind more of the chaos, wars, pandemics, and financial failures than anything else.
That one thing is the Chinese Communist Party—and the man in charge, Xi Jinping, is the most dangerous man in the world. Until his global domination aspirations are stopped—he always will be.

China pays Iran, which pays Hamas and Hezbollah. China pays Russia—and China is footing the bill to create unrest and instability all over the world every single day. They have sowed the seeds of discontent for decades, and their hard work is coming to fruition. It’s only going to get worse—I can guarantee you that.

China has already cornered the markets on pharmaceuticals and rare earth elements. While they cheer on the global warming and climate change Nazis, they ignore any real reforms at all and move full speed ahead, building reliable power plants that will burn Mongolian coal from the biggest mine in the world. Giant Mack trucks run across the Chinese border 24 hours a day—delivering the thing most reviled by the likes of John Kerry and Greta Thunberg.

They have no intention of stopping because the CCP understands that vast quantities of energy will be the ticket to winning the next war and becoming a superpower.

The New Chinese Empire is operating far outside of the norms recognized by almost every other country. Suppose there is a doubt about how this will play out—watch when they overrun Taiwan in a single day—because that day is coming. We will do nothing to stop it because I don’t think we can.

I am not the only one with such grave concerns about the CCP and the intentions of Xi Jinping. The leaders of the Five Eyes all believe that China is by far the biggest threat to America and every other nation on earth. They intend to run the whole thing, and they are not taking no for an answer—even if it means a cataclysmic war. China and the Chinese Communist Party thrive in chaos—it’s when they can make a move without being seen.

Scott Pelley and 60 Minutes sat down all five leaders of the Five Eyes and started digging for important answers—and for once, we actually got some.

China is aggressively stealing intellectual property and research from the US, with 2,000 investigations into suspected thefts ongoing. They are making a run for global dominance and are the threat of our generation, the Five Eyes say.

Then, of course, it’s the pushing against America and every other country on earth. They will push as far as they can until someone says no. More often than not, the Chinese never even slow down, but that may be changing.

Chinese intelligence is using shell companies to purchase land in the West for use in espionage operations, but we are finally wising up and cracking down on these acquisitions.

The real grassroots war between America and the communists is the same as it has been since the Bolshevik Revolution, which was really a coup that was later sold as a revolution. Either way, it is slavery and oppression versus the Constitutional rights of all Americans and, to a lesser degree—the rest of the world.

Unless we listen to what we are being told about the ruthless nature of the CCP, we are in real danger as a country—and so is all of Western Civilization.

So remember, while you’re staring at your smartphone with your eyes glazed over, President Xi is looking at the world with grand ambition—and doesn’t care one bit about you or anyone else.