Under Democratic control, we, the American citizens, are all visitors in the United States, allowed to stay here under their laws and edicts. We are spied on, tracked, regulated, over-taxed, mandated, arrested, and destroyed on the whim of whatever Democrat doesn’t like us.

The Constitution mostly ignored, the Democrat party, because they never have any consequences for their actions, continues to rule over us with tyrannical rules and threats while at the same time, using our tax money to bribe their supporters and voters in the form of appropriations and grant money. Millions…billions of our hard-earned dollars are redistributed to their leftist friends who help them win elections.

Do they care that the country is being overrun by illegal aliens and crime? Nope. Do they care that Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, hardly being able to afford the food, energy, health care and other items they need because of Bidenflation? No.

Do they care that Biden’s polices aided the attacks on Israel by Hamas? No. They only care if things look bad for them on a pure public relations standpoint. If things “look” bad, sometimes they will do the right thing – but it’s rare.

The Democrats just don’t care much about Americans at all. They only care about money and power.

Right now, their focus is on the illegal alien as they see them as the “holy grail” to unlimited power someday when they give them amnesty so they can vote for their Democrat pals. And their leftist and greedy friends in the corporate world are right there with them – like the hotels in NYC who preferred to take government money to house illegal aliens instead of having tourists stay there.

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Or like in Massachusetts recently when a bunch of veterans’ hotel reservations for the Army-Navy game were cancelled (70 of them) so that the hotel could house illegal aliens because the state is paying them to do so. Apparently the state has a “right to shelter” law that ensures illegals have a place to live. What about the rights of Americans? Good luck with that, folks. Your rights are way at the bottom of the list these days.

And in Chicago, a youth football team lost their local field house because it will be used to house about 200 illegal aliens. It’s a hard lesson but maybe the kids need to learn that lesson early so that they know who NOT to vote for in the future.

When politicians make Americans visitors in their own country, they need to be voted out and made permanent outcasts for the rest of their lives. They need to start having real consequences for their actions, including from their own party’s voters.