United States Embassies in Lebanon and Turkey were targeted by angry protestors supporting Hamas and the Palestinians despite the gruesome attack two Saturdays ago that targeted Israeli civilians and left at least 1,300 dead.

On Monday, the Israeli Defense Force was initially blamed for a bombing that devastated a hospital in Gaza, resulting in more than 500 dead. But those reports, even ones published by the New York Times, were soon corrected, and it now appears the bombing was an accident caused when an Islamic Jihad rocket misfired and smashed into the building.

Even though the information was updated—the leaders of both the Palestinians and Jordan canceled a visit with President Joe Biden, who is in the region today—another major setback for a President who is already historically weak on the world stage.

The corrections also came too late for those already critical of the IDF and the intense attacks on Gaza—but the truth is important.

Despite Jordan’s refusal to meet with President Biden over the hospital bombing, the nation made clear it is not enamored with Hamas or the Palestinians at all. It won’t be offering safe harbor for any of them.

Jordan’s King Abdullah called the idea of accepting refugees a “red line” that his nation will not cross, adding that he does not believe Egypt will either.

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But here—it seems very difficult for some to grasp the idea that importing terrorists into your country is a very bad idea. You would think when Jordan and Egypt close their borders, it might be something to consider before you stand on the altar of leftist, suicidal ideology. But then again, I operate on a basis of common sense—something that is increasingly rare in the nation’s capital.

AOC went on CNN and basically said it’s America’s job to accept anyone and everyone into the country, and it has been historically.

With Hezbollah preparing to expand the Gaza conflict with a strike in the north, the conflict could come a lot closer to us here in the US—and sooner than you realize. Those in the know say it could happen at any moment with the people we already let come into the country.

Even Sleepy Joe is waking up to the fact that imported terrorism is a growing threat in this nation.

His policies put us in this vulnerable position, and yet he remains oblivious. In fact, as I discussed yesterday, he is an existential threat to America’s future, and the VP should trigger the 25th Amendment and have him removed. Until that happens, we are in continuing danger.

Texans living on the border believe it is only a matter of time before tragedy strikes. Every day, they watch thousands pour in. Thousands we know absolutely nothing about.

And it’s not just the people living and working on the frontlines of the border invasion sounding the alarm. Those charged with preventing that from happening are finally coming around to the danger.

FBI Director Wray is warning Americans that Hamas-style attacks may be coming to America. Wait, I thought white supremacy was the big issue? Why is he wasting his time talking about Hamas?

Even those who should know better, like Nikki Haley, are cheering on the import of at least one million refugees from Gaza while Egypt and Jordan want nothing to do with them. This is either stupidity or willful ignorance.

And while attacks here are a distinct possibility, we keep wading deeper into the conflict. Before we dive headlong into another foreign war, we must wonder if, before long, we will be fighting terrorists both at home and abroad.

Our college campuses already serve as recruiting grounds for useful idiots who are probably more than happy to assist Hamas in the war effort.

So, will we be caught up in yet another war in the Middle East, a war that will likely cause more attacks here at home? It sure seems that way today.

The question is how long will it go on—and who will pay the ultimate price in the end?

John Kirby insists that US troops will not be deployed to assist Israel. But that is now. Who knows what will change in the weeks and months to come? This thing may come to a decisive end or devolve into a quagmire. But we know there are plenty in Washington who can’t say no to a good fight.