TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome, is still alive and well in America. Democrats can’t seem to give it up. They have sold their souls to get rid of Donald Trump – committed crimes, rigged elections, indicted him, put MAGA supporters in in jail, etc. There are no limits to what they will do in the name of TDS.

Some have even made it into a lucrative business like the Lincoln Project does. Others also seem to have Trump on the brain 24/7 like washed up actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner who can’t go a single day without posting something about Trump on X.

There’s also fake Republican Michael Steele who was at one time the leader of the Republican National Committee (RNC) but in October of 2020 endorsed Joe Biden for President. Now he’s a political analyst for MSNBC. Big shocker.

Steele has been busy lately telling everyone (again) how horrible Trump is. He recently posted a video of Trump talking about how Israel has got to get their act together because they’re fighting a big force, maybe Iran. He talked about how Benjamin Netanyahu disappointed him in 2020 just before Trump took out Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. He also said that that he wasn’t prepared for the incursion from Gaza – which obviously he wasn’t.

Naturally, Trump’s Republican challengers like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis didn’t like Orange Man Bad calling out the Israeli leader.

But Trump-haters like Steele piled on as well, saying on X: “It’s one thing to be dangerous. It’s another to say stupid things. But when you say dangerously stupid things in a moment like this you are unfit to be our nation’s Commander in Chief.”

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Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, can’t stand Donald either. “He’s capable of anything” she screamed on social media. She just loves attention. Lately she’s complained that her uncle is a fascist. She also called him a “BIG loser” recently and asked why the “f—-ing maniac” is allowed to roam free.

It’s really sad that there isn’t some sort of TDS pill for people like Mary and Michael and Rob. Then they’d be able to go on with their lives instead of letting The Don live rent- free in their heads.