For the first time in 50 years—Israel has made an official declaration of war, coming under arms for the first time since the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

Israel was attacked by Hamas terrorists who fired more than 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip—at last count, more than 1,100 Israelis had been killed.

After the rocket attacks began, Hamas soldiers poured into Israel, attacking and murdering people in their homes. Men, women, and children were all slaughtered without regard. Dead bodies were defiled on video and shared globally on social media as the monsters celebrated in the streets.

This is what weakness in the White House brings. We now have the first major war in Eastern Europe in decades and the first war involving Israel in 50 years.

Weakness brings violence because the enemies that are kept at bay by American strength are empowered by opportunities provided by the weakness of Joe Biden and his feeble administration on the world stage.

This is just another failure that could have been avoided—and I will dig deeper into that in a bit. But first, how could this be missed by Israel and all Western intelligence services? Was everyone asleep at the wheel and not just President Biden?

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Experts say that the failure of several intelligence services, American and otherwise, to detect Hamas’ buildup is astonishing.

You must wonder if they all missed the buildup of more than 5,000 rockets—what else are we missing?
The leaders of Hamas now admit that the planning for this coordinated assault on the state of Israel was largely led by Iran—the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism.

And remember—Joe Biden and his team just released $6 Billion to Iran—and even though it was supposed to be spent on humanitarian items only, it’s clear the cash was used for killing mothers and their children on a Jewish holiday.

Of course, Anthony Blinken is either stupid enough to think the Iranians used the money for blankets or thinks you’re stupid enough to believe him when he tells you that’s what the money was used for.

The acts of violence are so despicable that most of the world has not even seen how depraved they are. It’s not suitable for TV news and is blacked out on most social media, too—but some information is getting out.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that following Israel’s declaration of war, they will turn Gaza into rubble and hunt down every Hamas member and kill them.

He is warning residents to leave Gaza because the IDF is coming with a vengeance, and there will be nothing left when the shooting stops.

And what will that mean?

Green Beret Tim Kennedy told Fox News that the door-to-door fighting to come will be some of the most brutal ever seen. Civilians will certainly be used for leverage, as Hamas turns out every ugly trick in the book to counter the Israeli response.
And sadly, like I said—this is only the beginning.