Everywhere you look, the Democrats are jumping through hoops to house the illegal aliens in the country and make their lives more comfy. They’re being put in police stations, homeless shelters, hotels, old schools, old nursing homes…everywhere there is space.

Millions – actually more like billions most likely – are being spent on the illegal alien importation of future Democrat voters. If the government had actually shut down last week, you can bet your bottom dollar that no illegal alien would have suffered from a lack of resources. The Democrat party will do what it can to import, process, transport, house and facilitate the colonization of our country by their unvetted foreign friends.

But when it comes to taking care of the housing of military members, that doesn’t appear to be a priority to the Democrat party and the Biden administration.

A report out of the Government Accountability Office in September pointed to “serious health and safety risks” concerning the barracks of junior enlisted service members – including mold, rodent infestations, sewer backups, inoperable fire safety systems and more. There were also issues with locks which made some of the troops unsafe.

But conditions don’t seem to be improving and the Department of Defense doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously or have any urgency to solve the problem.

And it’s not like the government doesn’t have the money to fix any of the problems. It’s just not getting done. Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) says, “There’s something not right there. It does not add up.”

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You can be sure that if there were illegal aliens in these barracks, they would have clean bathrooms, pinball machines, lots of blankets, free Door Dash deliveries, free internet and streaming entertainment.