When Russia invaded Ukraine, I remember the stories of the Russian soldiers going into homes, raping women and killing civilians. I’m sure you also remember them bombinghospitals and schools. They went after civilians. That is exactly what Hamas did in their recent attacks against Israel.

And I’m sure you also remember the sick depravity that ISIS was involved in before Trump took them out as a major terrorist organization. They kidnapped people. They beheaded people. They set people on fire inside of cages. They even went after aid workers.

ISIS didn’t just want death and destruction, they wanted attention. They advertised what they did using social media. They were into shock and awe.

Taking a page from both ISIS and the Russian invaders, the sick Hamas monsters are reveling in the publication of their war crimes – the news coverage, the streaming videos, the social media posts…They are actually proud of attacking, kidnapping and killing innocent civilians – babies, children and old women.

That’s because Hamas is not fighting a “war” against soldiers or a government or a country. They are not fighting for land, oil, water, food or resources. They are not even fighting for a religion or ideology. They just want their enemies exterminated – all of them.

And Hamas wants what they are doing documented, not only for the world to see, but to cause pain to the survivors of those they kill.

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The Hamas terrorists are so sick, in fact, that they are killing people and then calling their friends and relatives from the victim’s phones to show them the photos of their dead friends and relatives. They are taking the time to log into Facebook to post photos on the pages of the dead that they are killing.

And now they are threatening to execute hostages – in the public square for all to watch in a live stream. The Hamas are like the Romans, who executed people in a Colosseum for entertainment, presenting their killings to an audience.

For the Romans, a “death penalty” could include things like being buried alive, impaling people and crucifixion. They much enjoyed torturing people before death, doing things like sewing a bound prisoner into a sack with a snake, rooster, monkey or dog and then throwing the sack into the river. It was cruel and unusual punishment and that was the point.

Unlike with the Hamas, those who got the death penalty from the Romans were largely criminals. Although with no police force, no detectives and no investigations, who knows how many of those killed were actually innocent.

But with terrorists like Russia and Hamas, the innocents get intentionally targeted with the death penalty merely for existing somewhere their enemies don’t want them to exist. And with the Hamas, even babies are killed and beheaded.

There has always been evil in the world. Certainly, the last attempt of exterminating the Jews during the Holocaust showed us that. But now we face a new kind of monster. Not necessarily more evil, but a different kind of evil – using the current resources available so that the monsters of the world can voluntarily expose their own inhumanity.