Apparently, the United States doesn’t have enough unvetted foreigners coming into our country. Apparently, the Democrats aren’t bringing enough criminals into the United States. Apparently, encountering at least 429 terrorists trying to come through our borders since October 2022 isn’t enough for them. The Dems need to import more. And they’ve found a whole new class of victims to help – unvetted Gaza refugees.

Some progressive Democrats, including Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a New York member of the Socialist- Democratic “Squad” (the dude who recently pulled the fire alarm in the House), says we should be prepared to welcome the refugees into our country.

Nobody else in the Middle East wants the Palestinians. They never have. That’s why they are in the Gaza to begin with. And many won’t take them in even now like Egypt and Jordan.

And why are the Palestinians currently being labeled “refugees”? Because the leaders that they elected attacked and killed another country’s innocent citizens.

Because some Democrats are actually talking about bringing Palestinians from Gaza into the United States, Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin has introduced the “Guaranteeing Aggressors Zero Admission (GAZA) Act” which would prohibit the Biden administration from admitting refugees from Gaza.

Rep. Tiffany told Fox News host Laura Ingraham, “This should be a three-alarm fire for the American people seeing what is happening in the Middle East at this point with barbarism that is going on and then some people want to relocate, possibly of thousands of refugees from Gaza to the United States of America.”

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Rep. Tiffany said his bill was to “preempt the Biden Administration because we’ve seen the history…We have seen it down at the border where you have dozens, if not hundreds of people that have come in, that have been on the terror watch list. We should be deeply concerned about that. And then we saw with the Afghan evacuation, the disastrous Afghan evacuation. We had nearly 100,000 people come here to America. None of them were vetted. And do we have confidence that this administration is going to vet these people coming into America? We have zero confidence.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said about the progressives wanting Gaza refugees in America, “The U.S. is the most generous nation in the world, but we are in no position to accept additional refugees, especially from a region with as high a risk of terrorism, given our nation’s inability to secure our own border or vet those who are already here.”

Florida Senator Rick Scott said, “The entire focus of the United States right now should be on rescuing American hostages, and making sure that Israel has every resource needed to defeat Iran backed- Hamas and defend its homeland.”

Other presidential candidates have also chimed in about bringing Gaza refugees into the country including former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who said, “We cannot accept people from Gaza into this country as refugees, I am not going to do that … Not all of them are Hamas but they are all antisemitic. None of them believe in Israel’s right to exist.”