Yes, when Trump supporters have what the Democrats refer to as an “insurrection,” it’s the worse thing since Watergate and 9/11. It results in unconstitutional searches and seizures, mass incarceration of Trump supporters held in jail for months without due process, a BIGLY campaign against Trump supporters everywhere, hearings, lawsuits, imprisonments, facial recognition searches for anyone within a five-mile vicinity of DC… the list goes on and on.

But if the Democrats stage a protest on the Capitol grounds and invade the Capitol building, it’s barely a blip in the news. Sure, there were arrests made but I highly doubt these folks will be sitting in prison for years for parading inside of the Capitol.

Nope, they are Democrat voters. They are antisemitic progressives and they don’t deserve to be handcuffed, arrested and held in prison without bond.

The Daily Mail reported on the pro-Palestinian protesters who invaded the Capitol on October 18th, saying that 300 demonstrators were arrested after having their sit-down in a rotunda in the Congress complex. Notice the words that the media uses when it’s not Trump supporters in the Capitol. The Democrats are “demonstrators” and they’re having a “sit-down.”

Ringleader and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib was there too, egging on the protesters just like they say that Trump did. Has she been charged by the Justice Department for anything? Nope. Democrats have free speech rights, I guess, and Trump does not. And Democrats are not considered criminals – and definitely aren’t treated as such.

And I’ve seen no updates on the arrests so it’s probably safe to say that the poor Democrats didn’t have to spend one night in jail and, if they have to have any consequences at all, it will probably be a misdemeanor and a $100 fine for what police say is a charge of “illegally protesting inside a House office building.”