The fur was flying on Capitol Hill as the first hearing of the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry got underway.

And it is so predictable. One side gave speeches, and then the other side pontificated. They both slammed each other, and nothing got done. In the end, we really didn’t learn anything either.

They talked about the Biden family raking in $20 million plus without any explanation of what that money was for or what was done to earn the money—but we already knew that.

So, are you sick and tired of the same old dog and pony show on Capitol Hill?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the people who ran to be members of the House and Senate meant it when they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution?

Wouldn’t it be nice if these people put the country and people like you and me above petty party politics and trying to score meaningless political points on social media?

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It would be nice if there were a modicum of integrity to be found inside the Beltway. It would be nice if they would focus on asking real questions—letting the person asked answer the question and see if we can learn something.

I mean, wouldn’t you want to know if the President was taking millions of dollars so he could influence governments or groups? And wouldn’t you like to know that—regardless of political party?

If someone is dirty, I would want to know that! And I would want to know it no matter what party they represent. Having said that, I don’t think anything about getting bribes or peddling influence has any relationship to the intentional targeting of President Donald Trump for committing political speech in America.

But, of course, that came up over and over from Democrats on Thursday.

Sadly, it was exactly what we have all come to expect—a damn raucous circus that arrives at no conclusions. Americans generally tune out—and we, the people, are the real losers.

Frankly, we deserve better.

And here is the dirty little secret that isn’t a secret at all: none of this is going anywhere. Joe Biden could get impeached, but he will never be removed because that takes a supermajority of 67 Senate votes. Unless there is a massive sea change, the Democrats will never vote to remove Joe Biden from the Oval Office.

This is a bit strange. Joe getting impeached and removed would likely be the best thing that could happen to the Democrats right now. It would solve the big problem of Joe Biden running for reelection with the lowest polling numbers of any incumbent President ever. It would be enough of an excuse to flush Kamala, too—just tie Joe Biden around her neck and throw them both overboard.

But that’s not going to happen, and no matter what goes down, Joe Biden is not getting removed from office. He may have a medical emergency, a mental emergency, or a bathroom emergency, all of which could end up with him not returning. But short of that, Democrats will have to live with him as their guy in 2024.
Of course, the Democrats are trying to argue that poor Joe was being the best dad he could be to his crack-addled swindler son when he got on the phone with foreign officials, which is about the weakest thing I have ever heard.

And you have Hunter Biden on the record, claiming he never got paid. Well, I am not sure that answer will work out for him.

Again, with the lapdog media now peeing on Joe Biden and his performance as President, you know things are getting tough for the old man.

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Even Jake Tapper is dogging on the poll numbers. The once reliable CNN is no longer shilling for the old man.

Ultimately, we know that the Bidens had nothing to sell but their name. The Chinese and others weren’t paying millions for Hunter’s finger painting, I can tell you that.